Christmas is when many young – and older – LGBTQ people chose to tell their friends and family about their sexual orientation, the boyfriend – or girlfriend – that no one expected, coming out can be hard, nerve wrecking and scary, but it can also be a wonderful experience when the mother or father, brother or best friend embraces the news and life goes on, a bit easier than before.

Sadly, sometimes the LGBTQ person experiences hostility, fear, ignorance or even hatred, and it is at those times you need friends and a network that can support and encourage you.

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This Christmas Mr Gay Europe 2019 Alexander Petrov and we at the Mr Gay Europe team would like to hear your coming out story.

We want to hear stories from all over Europe, from young and old, from yesterday and maybe some years ago. We want the nice and funny stories, and we want the serious and sad stories – we want to show that there is just as many coming out stories as there is LGBTQ people.

You don’t need to write a whole book, but we would like to hear what you thoughts were before you came out, how the reaction was and how you are now. We would also like to know where you live (country), you age, and if possible your (first) name.

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Unity through diversity!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!