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  • If a contestant has to answer "Yes" to any of the next two questions, this does NOT automatically exclude him from the competition. However if a contestant withholds any information regarding the two questions below, he may be told to leave the competition, or if he wins he could risk losing his title. (If "yes", please clarify in the field for "important information" below.)
  • I hereby accept the MGE rules and regulations and commit to entering as an official delegate in the Mr Gay Europe competition 2018. I confirm that I am available at the dates stated for the competition, and I confirm that I will cover my own costs (airfare and valid travel insurance) but accommodation, board, local transport and competition fee will be covered by MGE. I agree that if I withdraw less than 21 days prior to the start of the event, I am financially liable for any reasonable costs incurred by the producers on my behalf, e.g. hotel room, board, transfer etc.