has gay and gay-friendly readers from all over the world. Most of them origin in Europe, most of them are gay men and they have a lot of friends.

By placing an ad on you both reach out to a wide audience willing to try out new products and services, but you also support human rights throughout Europe.

Any brand or company advertising on sends out a strong message to the gay community across Europe and our friends and supporters that they as advertisers are backing the fight for equal rights. offers strategically located placements for the advertisements.

Module 1, size 980×300
Placing: Cover, top banner
Maximum 5 different ads in a slider

Module 2A and B, size 250×350 and 980×150
Placing: Above article text, all recent posts
The ad shows up on mobile devices or desktop respectively, depending what the readers is using.

Module 3, size 350×350
Placing: Next to (desktop)/Just below article text (mobile), all recent posts

Module 3x, size 350×700
Placing: Next to (desktop)/Just below article text (mobile), all recent posts

Module 4, size 350×350
Placing: Below module 3.

Module 5, size 350×350
Placing: In footer, on all pages.

Module package A
Module 1, 2A/B and 5

Module package B
Module 1, 2A/B, 3 and 5

Module package C
Module 1 and 5

File formats: JPG (only)

Maximum size: 100 kB

Pricing: Contact us for a quote on your campaign.

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