Some things are pretty obvious for the gay guy, but hopeless for straight people to understand. Here’s 6 things you have to be gay to get.

1. Endless, meaningless banter on Grindr.
There is only one reason for Grindr’s existence; for guys to get laid. If you’re old skool and are only interested in chatting with people for hours and hours, go back to Facebook and bug your friends.

2. Go-go dancers who are straight.
That’s just cruel.

3. Guys who don’t share face pics.
It doesn’t matter how good your body looks, if you hide your face the deal is off. It doesn’t matter if you’re really good looking. Just no.

4. The moment you realize you’re both bottoms.
How annoying. Who needs the cuddle anyway?

5. Only close friends can refer to us as girls.
Do not, I repeat, DO NOT call a random gay man “bitch” – that is reserved only for a best friend. Call us a bitch and we’ll show you one!

6. We are not all fashion gurus.
Even gay men need fashion advice from their female friends from time to time.