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Would you like to host Mr Gay Europe 2018?

Mr Gay Europe 2017 takes place in Stockholm, Sweden. Where will we be going next? You tell us! Since 2005 the Mr Gay Europe competition has been arranged ten times in eight different countries. Now we are looking for an international host and producer for Mr Gay Europe 2018. The competition is to take place in July – August, it is a six or seven day event, and certain criteria have to be met regarding the Mr Gay Europe competition; challenges, policies, accommodation etc. If you represent an organization or company that would like to be a Mr Gay...

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Former MGE President tells how it all started

How did it all start? Who is the oldest delegate that has taken part in Mr Gay Europe? Who is the youngest? This spring ‘Mr Gay Europe The Documentary’ will be released, but as a starter and some background information we are going to release a few “teasers”. The first video that we release is an interview by Peter Darrant with the former Mr Gay Europe president Morten Ruda, who had the idea for an Mr Gay Europe competition late 2004 and together with Tore Aasheim, arranged the competition in 2005 during EuroPride that took place in Oslo that...

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Mr Gay Europe is going back to Stockholm

Mr Gay Europe 2017 takes place in Stockholm 1 – 6. August 2017. With this the competitions goes back to where it all started last year, Mr Gay Europe 2016 started in Stockholm and ended up in the beautiful mountain scenery of Norway. – The days in Stockholm were such a success, we felt so welcomed and we all fell in love with the city, the hotel and the people; so this year we go back for the whole six days, MGE president Tore Aasheim says. This year’s competition will be focused around the city of Stockholm and Stockholm...

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Be a blogger for Mr Gay Europe

Do you have something to say? Would you like to use your voice to reach a wider audience? Well, is opening up its pages for you to write a guest blog. Use your voice. Get it out there… The success and feedback from our guest Mr Gay bloggers so far has been extremely positive, so we thought that we would open up our Mr Gay platform to anyone who is a passionate blogger and who has something of great value to write about. We’ve come to realise that everyone feels strongly about certain issues, but they do not...

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