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Mister Gay Belgium Jaimie Deblieck attacked

Jaimie Deblieck, Mister Gay Belgium, physically attacked and verbally assaulted On the night of Friday 9th February, Mister Gay Belgium 2017 Jaimie Deblieck, was attacked after a night out in his hometown of Roeselare, Belgium. He received several kicks and was pushed to the ground. He was verbally assaulted based on him being gay. Deblieck went to the police and filed a case with the police. Jaimie Deblieck is very upset about the attack. He went to the hospital for a check up before going to the police. Later that day the police said they will treat this as a...

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The seriousness about masturbation

Masturbation is healthy and wonderful, completely free, provides good blood circulation, gets rid of stress, acts as sleeping medicine, and replaces old semen with new. Sexologist Stine Kühle-Hansen believes it is very important that we understand the health benefits and properly take care of the art of masturbation. “Masturbation is a good pleasure you can share with a partner, but it’s still very much a taboo thing. It is one of our basic building blocks as human beings. The very first is skin on skin contact for nine months, then we get experienced in oral stimuli by sucking milk...

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Kissing: Take Charge!

Some kissing advice, even if you’re a serial-kisser. 1. Good oral hygiene is key. Brush your teeth and use a little mouthwash or mouth spray. Chewing gum and lozenges go a long way, but the best thing to do is to do the work before you’re in the situation where a make-out will happen. 2. Too much mouth spray or too much chap-stick may work against its purpose. The term ‘less is more’ also applies when it comes to kissing itself. 3. Don’t rush! Kissing and making out as an art form is not difficult to learn, and you’ll...

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Man’s many sexual challenges – and some simple solutions

The lack of ability to get an erection. The lack of lust. Early ejaculation. Men who fail to come. The sexual problems are many and men struggle in silence. It doesn’t have to be like that. Both men and women struggle with a range of sexual issues, some of them serious. A lot of these problems are often linked to other diagnoses such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. Still many men struggle unnecessarily. Their challenges not quite serious; often the problems can be solved by acquiring the right knowledge, or by getting to know themselves and their bodies better....

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Kissing is good communication

Have you ever thought about the fact that making out makes us both dumb and blind? This poses a particular challenge because good kissing is also dependent on good communication. “Nobody is good at making out with everyone, but we can all be good at making out with someone”, says ‘kissing expert’ Marte Oraug Skogtrø. She is a volunteer ‘kissing and makeout expert’ at a chat-based advisory service on the internet aimed at young people, where she offers advice and tips on feelings, love and sex. Marte finds that most young people who log on and ask questions usually...

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Desire – a challenge also for men

Independent research in several Western countries show that desire or lack of desire is the biggest sexual problem for most people. Also for men. Bente Træen, a Norwegian sexologist, also challenges the common sense that men’s biggest problem is the ability to get an erection. “If a man struggles to get an erection, it is not certain that there is medical treatment or therapy that focuses on the ability of erection that is the way to treat. If the man consciously or subconsciously isn’t in the mood, it’s no wonder that the penis does not get stiff.” Ms. Træen...

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