Come fly with Austrian

Austrian Airlines is the official Mr Gay Europe 2014 airline. Book your flights here and get 15 percent of the price! Our friends at Austrian make sure you get safe and sound to Vienna and back home again. Book your flights to Mr Gay Europe 2014 online at and save 15% on all applicable fares! […]

The hills will be alive with gay men!

Official program of Mr Gay Europe 2014, 7 – 15 June in Austria. Mr Gay Europe 2014 is not going to take place in just another European city, this year the competition takes place in an entire country. Mr Gay Europe 2014 takes place in the beautiful cities, hills, mountains and valleys of Austria. The […]

Politics: Panti’s Noble Call at the Abbey Theatre

Bravo to Panti Bliss, the Irish drag queen who has revolutionized local and international dialogue on gay rights. It all started in a January television interview on the national broadcaster RTE, when Panti referred to a righteous Catholic lobby group as homophobic. After crying a defamatory foul, RTE quickly paid €85,000 in ‘compensation’ to six […]

Are gay people more likely to kill themselves?

Are gay people more likely to kill themselves? Could attraction towards someone of the same sex lead to a higher likelihood of self-injury or death? Many studies say yes. To ask why this happens and what we can do to change it, we must delve deeper. Suicide is a leading cause of death among young […]

Hero: Ricky Martin

  Role model: He is one of the most famous international singer and a sex symbol for many women and gay men. Rumors about his sexuality has been follow him since he appeared for the first time in a Time’s cover. Even thought it was a risk for his career, on 2000 he came out […]

Olympics: Whatever team you are playing on…

The Norwegian chain of sport outlets XXL is publishing a new TV and cinema commercial that would make Putin choke on his morning tea. The company has previously been known to be especially gay friendly, but as they were planning a series of commercials they heard about Putin’s new anti-gay laws and the consequences for […]

Recent News


Sports: Anchor Dale Hansen’s straight talk

Texas sports anchor Dale Hansen at ABC talks straight from the heart about gay athleetes, and his jaw dropping speech is worth listening to. A straight man admitting he does not understand the gay man’s world we can accept, a tough commentator in a man’s world that tell the homophobic jocks and supporters to reconsider their […]

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Words worth listen to

Words worth listen to Jennifer Livingston, a CBS WKBT News Anchor’s got an email from a viewer calling her obese. This is her response. Remember that bullying because of sexual orientation is only one of many reasons for ignorant and illiterate people to attack and bully others. What about ourselves? Do we bully anyone; inside […]

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Hero: President Barack Obama

Supporter: As President and leader of the most powerful nation on the planet Barack Obama has been and still is a strong and important ally for LGTB people around the globe. This is why President Obama is the first person to enter the “hall of heroes” here at Mr Gay Europe. PLEASE NOTE: The information […]

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Russia: Gay news from CNN

CCN have brought several news stories on the situation for gay people in Russia. Have a look and get an insight on what is going on.

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Say it with a MGE stamp!

This year either you or someone you care about can be Robbie’s very special Valentine. You can send someone you care about (or yourself) a special Valentine’s message from Robbie and at the same time support the Mr Gay Europe family! This year Mr Gay Europe 2013 Robbie O’Bara will be on a genuine Europe […]

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Hillary Clinton breaks it down

The former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, really breaks it down in this online comment on gay marriage. Have a look, maybe you will learn something you can use in future discussions.

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Mr Gay Europe stamps it

Mr Gay Europe 2013 Robbie O’Bara is this 14 February going to be on a stamp! It is the Norwegian Postal Office who has authorized the use of the image of Mr Gay Europe on stamps. The stamp is an A class Europe stamp. The photo on the stamp is taken by Beate A. Tecza. […]

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MGE: 2014 registration opens

Happy New Year! 2014 has just begun and we have started the search for the next title-holder of Mr Gay Europe and Mr Gay World. Do you want to have a go? It is as easy as 1-2-3. The search for the next Mr Gay Europe and Mr Gay World is on, and you register […]

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Merry Christmas!

  To all of you from all of us at Mr Gay Europe familiy; here is a special message from Robbie!  

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Austria welcomes MGE 2014

MGE2014: From the 7th to the 15th of June 2014 Austria has the honour to host the most spectacular gay-event of the season: “Mr Gay Europe 2014″ Executive producers will be Nouba Events represented by Dieter Sapper and Emanuel Wiehl. The two Austrian event managers have been producers for the Austrian and Swiss delegates in […]

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Licence for Germany awarded

The Mr Gay Europe organization is happy to announce that Emanuel Wiehl and Dieter Sapper and their company Nouba Events GmbH have been awarded the Mr Gay Europe, and by that also the Mr Gay World, licence for Germany. Nouba Events also holds the licence for Austria and Switzerland and is therefore holding the maximum […]

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You can be a hero

Ok, so you have heard them before; all the clichés about all the good things in life. Well, make a difference then; make those nice thoughts become reality. We all need heroes. Not necessarily a Superman or a Spiderman, just someone who can lead the way, someone we can look up to and trust. Sometimes […]

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Swedish talent – it is weekend after all

What you are about to see in this video would never (!) happen on stage in Mr Gay Europe, but still, it is weekend and we wanted to show you some Swedish “talent”. We may also add that this clip is taken from the TV-show “Sweden Got Talent”, it is a family show and it […]

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Vice President in «trouble»!

Giulio Spatola, Vice President of Mr Gay Europe find himself in a «troubled» situation. Happily it is not as bad as it may looks. Giulio has taken part in a video with the Italian singer Mimmo Cavallo, and it is all about keeping an open mind, coming back to life and just enjoy what comes […]

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Dr. Gay: PEP

Mr Gay Europe 2013 is a medical student and from time to time he will share is knowledge with us. […]

Best New Year’s Message

In honour of the new year I want to share with you one of my favourite ever messages – one […]

The Ultimate Gay Travel Guide

To travel is to live, learn, and grow… to experience being human.  Maybe this is why travel is often so […]

Sad Time for Croatia, Dark Days for Christianity

The nation of Croatia recently voted to ban same-sex marriage, in a move driven by the Catholic Church.  Dark days indeed. […]

World Aids Day: Never forget

Sunday 1. December is the World Aids Day, a day to remember those we lost and to reflect over the […]

Sex, in Ireland?

Unique is one way to describe the history of sex in Ireland.  Harmful is another.  Let’s take a trip back […]