The photo session – the return of a delegate

Previous Mr Gay Europe and Mr Gay World delegate Michael Fröhle from Austria, now a professional photographer, returned to the competition to do the photo challenge with the MGE2014 delegates. – Michael has taken part in the competition before and know what it is all about. We are happy and proud that he returns to […]

MGE opens doors to fashion career

Fabrice Gayakpa, the German MGE2014 delegate made a stunning performance during this year’s Grand Finale in Austria in a way that did not impressed only the audience.  His modeling and stage-talent caught the eye of Austria’s sensational fashion designer Markus Spatzier and his label Manufaktur Herzblut. Convinced and inspired by Fabrice the Tyrolian designer offered […]

MGE2014: The journey – The beginning

How is it to win Mr Gay Europe? How do you do it? Jack Johansson, Mr Gay Europe 2014 take you back to the week when he came all the way from Sweden to Austria and went home with the title. After a long night at Landvetter Airport in Gothenburg I finally arrived in Vienna […]

Video: MGE2014 Swimwear Challenge

The Mr Gay Europe swim wear challenge always awake strong feelings, our audience and fans love that the delegates show off a bit. This year the challenge took place at the wonderful Aqua Dome Tirol Therme Lägenfeld. The venue was perfect for a day with “Spiel und Spaß”, and the guys had a great time in […]

MGE2014: Sports challenge

Mr Gay Europe is said to be the toughest job interview in Europe. One of the reasons is the sports challenge. Thursday the delegates competed in the sports challenge. In the test the delegates are racing against the clock and each other as they have to run, lift, jump and crawl. It is not all […]

Video: MGE in gay-friendly Vienna

Two wonderful days in Vienna is over, and we are happy to share these happy video memories with you.  

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New MGE Vice: Let’s grow together!

The new Vice President of Mr Gay Europe is Dieter Sapper. He is also the producer of Mr Gay Austria, Germany and Switzerland. As CEO of the company Nouba-Events he is in charge of the creation of shows and events on an international level. He has been in the event- and show business since 1994. Nouba-Events has […]

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MGE Vice President steps down

With immediate effect the MGE Vice President Giulio Spatola, Italy, steps down from his duties. – The Mr Gay Europe organization is growing and we need to make some changes in the administration in order to get ready for the next chapter, Mr Tore Aasheim, president of Mr Gay Europe says. Mr Aasheim also tells […]

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MGE2014: A message from Ulrike Lunacek

The fight for gay rights is also the fight for human rights. And for the rights of everyone in the LGTBI row of letters. The Austrian EU politican Ulrike Lunacek from the Green Party understands this. Ulrikes message to the delegates of Mr Gay Europe 2014 warmed our hearts and strengthened our spirit! Thank you […]

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Aneta: I support your fight

Aneta Sablik winner of the “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” (DSDS) performed at the Grand Finale of Mr Gay Europe 2014. After the show the Polish artist took time to met with Conrad Filas, the delegate representing Poland in the competition. Aneta who has been on top of several European hit charts with her DSDS song […]

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MGE2014 – Final results

A tough and strenuous week is over for the delegates of Mr Gay Europe 2014. Jack Johansson from Sweden is the new Mr Gay Europe, but the rest of the delegates did not let him win that easy. The competition contains of 12 different challenges throughout the week, and each challenge is vectored according to […]

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Mr Gay Europe 2014 Winner

For the first time in nine years, the Mr Gay Europe title goes home to Scandinavia with Jack Johansson from Sweden. Jack was a strong contender from the very beginning, and an audience favorite for the Grand Finale. We at Mr Gay Europe congratulate Jack on the title and welcome him to the MGE family.

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Video: MGE2014 Swarovski meets Herzblut

Sometimes dreams come true, and at Mr Gay Europe we are honored to be able to work with brands like Swarovski and talented designers like Markus Spatzier. During Mr Gay Europe 2014 in Austria something really special happened; we were able to work with Swarovski and Manufaktur Herzblut at the same time. The fashion show produced […]

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Video: MGE2014 talent competition

For the first time in nine years all the delegates in MGE 2014 took part in the talent competition with their own act. The talent show became a showcase of different types of dance, song, acting, speech, and video presentation, practical skills with a twist and even an educational workshop with some real practical hints. […]

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MGE2014: Swarovski meets Herzblut

Tuesday the Mr Gay Europe 2014 delegates took part in a hot couture fashion show in “The Cube” at Swarovski Kristallwelten. The designer of the evening was no other than Markus Spatzier with his brand Manufaktur Herzblut. The delegates presented exclusive pieces by one of Austria’s most successful designer right now, and the collection is […]

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MGE 2014: Tough talent competition

The only challenge in Mr Gay Europe that the delegates do not have to do if they don’t want is the talent competition. This year, for the first time in the competition’s nine year history all the delegates stepped up to the challenge and performed at the talent competition. Before the competition the delegates were […]

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MGE 2014: Sightseeing Vienna

Vienna, 8. June 2014 Sightseeing Vienna on foot is quite the undertaking. The delegates were prepared for the six hour walk with good footwear and a big bottle of water. Vienna in June, is after all, a very hot place to be. They tour started off at the Museum Quarter of Vienna, then went on […]

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MGE 2014: Meet and greet

Vienna, 7. June 2014 Year nine of Mr Gay Europe kicks off with a delegate meet and greet in the Capital of Austria at The Hotel 1060 Vienna. The delegates have spent the day getting to know each other before getting down to the business of MGE 2014. While Europe is diverse and some countries still […]

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Who is your favorite?

Vote for your favorite MGE delegate and you directly influence which one of the delegates that will be in the finals for Mr Gay Europe! Only one weeks to go! On 7 June the Mr Gay Europe delegates from all over the continent will meet for the first time in Austria for the Grand Final of Mr Gay […]

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MGE2014 Free Live Feed

The ninth Mr Gay Europe finale is coming to you by free live feed from Bregenz, Austria, Saturday 14 June at 20.00 (CET)! Here is a short promo. The Mr Gay Europe 2014 Grand Finale takes place in the festival city of Bregenz, Austria, and if you can’t be there for the real thing, you […]

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- I want to focus on Mr Gay Europe

Jack Johansson, Mr Gay Europe 2014, tells family and friends he will focus on working for his title in the […]

A message to the people: Austria

This year we asked all the delegates to speak to the people in their own country, in their own language. […]

A message to the people: Cyprus

This year we asked all the delegates to speak to the people in their own country, in their own language. […]

A message to the people: United Kingdom

This year we asked all the delegates to speak to the people in their own country, in their own language. […]

A message to the people: Ireland

This year we asked all the delegates to speak to the people in their own country, in their own language. […]

A message to the people: Switzerland

This year we asked all the delegates to speak to the people in their own country, in their own language. […]