Proud’n’Pride: In a perfect world, smart, handsome, gorgeous and hot men would definitely be a good catch for the opposite sex. But it’s not a perfect world so you can’t have it. Men who exude macho appeal and are those who you’d want to end up with, if they are not interested with other men. Ouch for the straight girls and YES for us, gays!

Who are these sexy dudes who are too hot to be gay straight girls wish they’re not?

Proud’n’Pride is listing the nine men they think are the hottest of them all, do you agree or do you feel someone is missing on the list?

The top 9 according to Proud’n’Pride are:

Neil Patrick Harris
Jonathon Groff
Ricky Martin
Zachary Quinto
Jim Parsons
Matt Bomer (photo above)
Marc Jacobs
Tom Ford
Cheyenne Jackson

Do you agree?