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JUS+ LIKE ME is a short documentary about the life and legacy of HIV activist and Mr Gay England 2018 Phil Dzwonkiewicz.

Despite the widespread dissemination of medication to prevent the spread of HIV and a rapid decline in new infections, people living with the virus continue to endure shame and stigma from wider society.

After struggling to keep his HIV status a secret for many years, Phil launched the campaign #JUSTLIKEME as a way to normalize a dialogue surrounding the illness and to be an example of a happy and healthy HIV+ person

The film premiered at BAFTA in honour of World Aids Day and is in partnership with UNAIDS (United Nations).

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When Phillip took part in Mr Gay Europe 2018 representing England he wrote:

I would like to participate in Mr Gay Europe because I would like to reach out to those who feel somewhat outcast within our community due to prejudice or lack of information.

I would like to help address the idea of toxic masculinity within our community, I have what most would deem a stereotypical masculine appearance, but I am extremely comfortable with my feminine side and through my burlesque work I like to blur the lines of between the two preconceived notions of what masculinity and femininity are.

Watch the film here:

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