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The Norwegian Parliament is now discussing whether to ban so called gay conversion therapy or not.

Although being a gay-friendly and liberal country, Norway – among several other European countries – allows this type of “therapy” even if it is condemned by experts.

Eight parliamentary representatives from the Norwegian Labour Party support a proposal that would improve the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender people and intergenerational persons (LGBTI). One of the points in the proposal is to ban gay conversion therapy.

The Norwegian Prime minister Erna Solberg (The Conservative Party) however does not agree with the proposal and says:

“No, I’m a little sceptical of that (the proposal). Becoming a society that prohibits utterances and opinions we do not like is also a dangerous society to live in. This is also something the gay community should be thinking,” Ms Solberg comments in a new online documentary series produced by Norwegian VGTV and journalist Morten Hegseth.

This week Morten Hegseth and VGTV released the web series “Homotherapy”, which reveals that several communities and organizations in Norway offers gay conversion therapy and claim they can help people get rid of gay feelings.

“When I heard about this the first time, I thought it was just codswallop,” the VG journalist states in the series.

VG is Norway biggest newspaper and web site.


Photo credit: Thomas Haugersveen/The Prime Minister’s Office

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