Paul Dennison


Mr Gay Europe 2022

Why do you want to take part in MGE22

The reason I want to take part in Mr Gay Europe, is due to the overall success I had with the “Mr Gay England” title.
I feel I can bring a certain prestige to Mr Gay Europe.
I also feel like I have been a great role model for the LGBTQ+ Community, and want to continue with such things.

What is the biggest LGBT challenge in Europe today

Well, some countries in Europe still don’t recognise all LGBTQ+ rights.
For example –
In Russia, you’re not allowed to openly promptly any “Gayness” ie, The rainbow flag, or holding hands.
They have gay people being attacked.
Poland and Hungary slyly, pushed through anti LGBTQ+ Legislation during the covid pandemic.
Poland – LQBTQ “Free zones”
Hungary – New laws banning information in schools deemed to promote homosexuality and gender change.
Hungarian Constitution in December 2020 altered the definition of families to exclude transgender and other LGBT individuals.

Your profession / study

I am an Actor TV/Film/Theatre.
I’m co owner of Joshua Paul Candle Company. (Handmade, Soy wax, vegan, scented candles)
I also work in events and catering.

Your hobbies

– Gym and fitness
– Cinema & Films
– Swimming
– Travelling
– Animals
– Socialising
– Making candles
– Nature

Why should you become MGE22

I feel I’m a very caring, confident and positive role model for the LGBTQ+ community.
I’ve had many people on social media message and say that me and my partner Josh are a very inspirational couple, and seeing us has helped them with “coming out” and being themselves.
I champion for equality and LGBTQ+ rights.
I make zero excuses for my sexuality, and I aim to make everyone less confident than myself, comfortable within in their own skin.

How would your friends describe you

Tall, welcoming, confident, happy, forward/direct, honest, loyal, artistic, dark/witty humour.

Your idea for your national costume

I hav free a few ideas for the National costume.
– A Lord Nelson costume.
– A Royal King cap costume with reveal.
– National Flag suit