Arctic Pride: Leather men, indigenous “joik” and a lot of snow

26 November, 2023 | News

Mr Gay Europe Tim Küsters visited this year’s Arctic Pride and Tromsø, and experienced a Pride Parade in the snow.

Tim Küster’s first trip abroad as Mr Gay Europe went to one of the world’s northernmost pride celebrations, Arctic Pride in Tromsø, Norway.

During his visit, Tim had time to meet the youth organization SNU which works for sexual and reproductive health and rights for young people, he met “The Leathermen” while they were preparing for the Pride parade and he visited the Church’s city mission and their breakfast meeting for young people ahead of Pride parade.

The pride parade itself became an experience in itself when with heavy snowfall in the otherwise festive and rainbow-coloured city. Tim walked in front of the parade, where he had the opportunity to come into contact with representatives from Tromsø municipality.

The municipality is an important partner for Arctic Pride, and in addition to financial support, the municipality flies the rainbow flag throughout Pride week, the mayor is responsible for the opening of Pride week and he also takes part and walks in front of the Pride parade.

Tim also got to know the culture of the indigenous Norwegian Sami population, when after the Pride march he heard Sami joik. This year’s winner of the rainbow award was also the queer Sami youth organization Garmeres.

There was also time to participate in this year’s rainbow service in the Arctic Cathedral as well as some sightseeing, including a trip up the mountain with the gondola to get a proper view of the city, which in winter is illuminated by the northern lights and in summer bathed in the midnight sun.

Please take a look at the photos in the photo slider below:

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