Tim Küsters


Mr Gay Europe 2023

Why do you want to take part in MGE23

As an LGBTQIA+ representative from the Netherlands I would find it an honour to participate in the Mr. Gay Europe competition to continue my fight for equality throughout all of Europe.

Over the past year, I have been advocating for LGBTQIA+ couples with a desire to have children. I have been in contact with politicians regarding the legal regulation of surrogacy, spreading awareness on several LGBTQIA+ topics in the media and seated together with the largest foster care organisation in the country to provide foster children with a safe and loving home. I also joined my companies worldwide D&I group.

I think it would be great and challenging to get involved in various LGBTQIA+ topics and be a role model / spokesperson for the community in Europe and fight for improvement.

My vision / motto
We have to create awareness, because if there are awareness people will go into action mode. Only together we can fight for equality. I would love to guide people in the right direction and make a difference!

What is the biggest LGBT challenge in Europe today

Acceptance and tolerance of the LGBTQIA+ community in society across Europe. But also, equal rights for all European countries. The past year we see an increase of bias motivated speech and violence.

Below you see a couple of examples in the last year.

Bias motivated speech
• A continuing trend of rising hate speech (Hate speech was reported as a serious issue online in Armenia, Austria, Latvia, Montenegro, and Romania).
• The work of human rights defenders is increasingly beleaguered by attacks and restrictions on civil society space.

Bias motivated violence
• In the past 12 months there has not only been a stark rise in violence against LGBTQIA+ people. Few cases listed below.
• Activist tortured and murder by relatives in Azerbaijan.
• Two people were murdered and one injured outside an LGBTQIA+ bar in Bratislava.
• Two gay men were killed in separate attacks by the same person in Ireland.

If you read these facts above, we still have a long road to achieve acceptance and tolerance in the LGBTQIA+ community, especially Eastern Europe needs extra attention. We need to join hands and change this. We must create a Europe where everyone dares and can be themselves without restrictions.

Your profession / study

Digital marketing & communication specialist

Your hobbies

Sports, traveling, music and doing fun things with friends

Why should you become MGE23

I am a loving, kind and caring person who always has other people’s best interests at heart. The past year I have learned to stand up for the community and to drive change. This year I would like to continue this path in Europe! Everyone has the right to be themselves and enjoy life.

What is the biggest mental health challenge in the LGBT community today

Raising awareness, understanding of mental health, proper care and creating a safe place for people to go to and feel comfortable. Today, we are faced with many factors that can cause people to have mental health problems.

We have to raise awareness on the fact that figures are rising on mental health in the LGBTQIA+ community.

We have to understand what does mental health mean and why are we getting more and more problems with our mental health. What factors most affect our mental health?

If we understand mental health, appropriate care can be sought. Treatment plans can be drawn up, but also tips can be given to stay mentally healthy.

Safe place
It is very important for people with mental health problems to create a safe place. A safe place where they feel comfortable and share the things they struggle with. Feeling understood and communication are key in this safe environment.

Your idea for your national costume

In the Netherlands we have a lot of traditional Dutch things that are well known all over the world. I would love to make a creation that include a ‘delfstblauw’ suit, tulips and a windmill backpack?