Andrea Pelone


Mr Gay Europe 2022

Why do you want to take part in MGE22

To be an inspiration and a guidance to my rainbow community leading the way towards brighter days of awareness and inclusivity in our society. And as a pro body builder myself I wanna bring more inclusivity into that world and industry where discrimination, toxic masculinity and machoism reign. I wanna make my community and my birth country proud of me, raising the rainbow flag, high, mighty and proud.

What is the biggest LGBT challenge in Europe today

To be respected as equal in our everyday society The whole world is still facing in 2022 hate crime scenarios, discrimination. LGBTQ lives are being challenged every day. People from the community are living in fear of leaving their houses, scared that something might happen to them when out and about.

Your profession / study

Body building posing coach and PT coach.

Your hobbies

Dancing, body building.

Why should you become MGE22

Cause I do believe by taking home the title of Mr Gay Europe I could make a difference and make great things happening with it for our beloved gay community. I wanna organise regulars fitness and body building gatherings to bring the community and allies together in harmony. Creating a safe and enjoyable environment where everyone’s welcome.

How would your friends describe you

Loyal, flamboyant, hard worker, inspirational, bubbly.

Your idea for your national costume

Coming in as a Roman emperor. Cape, leaf crown, toga.