Czech Republic

Mr Gay Europe 2022

Why do you want to take part in MGE22

International competitions the world over are platforms designed to promote meaningful agendas and ideologies. Shining a spotlight on LGBTQ+ rights and / or the lack thereof is an issue which requires repetitive focus. Human equality is key to improving the perception, status and lives of those who are disadvantaged by virtue of their sexual orientation. Mr Gay Europe is a competition with international credibility, having been held successfully for nearly two decades. Europe is a multi-cultural continent, and the Czechand Slovak Republics, being centrally situated, are thus perfectly positioned to meet the organisation’s motto of “unity through diversity”.

What is the biggest LGBT challenge in Europe today

Vladimir Putin’s assault on LGBTQ rights made him a hero to the global far right and a pariah in Ukraine. LGBTQ + people have been at the centre of the tug-of-war over Ukraine’s future from the moment Vladimir Putin launched his crusade to pry it from Europe. If Russia succeeds in conquering Ukraine, it calls into question the fundamental principles of human rights and democracy upon which the E.U. and the global LGBTQ+ movement have been built. Activists are deeply concerned for the community in Russia, where there is a growing expectation that Putin will impose some sort of martial law and they will be hunted along with other opponents of his regime.

Your profession / study

After graduating with a Bachelor of German Studies in Germany and Czech Republic, I read for and obtained a Master’s degree in Political Science and International Studies from the esteemed Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, having prepared my thesis at the Heinrich-Heine University in Düsseldorf, Germany. Since then, I have held various positions in the international relations field. I currently occupy a managerial post in the branding and packaging department of an international retailer. I am responsible for the technical parameters and design of the primary and secondary packaging of our company’s products. I also conduct quality control checks to ensure compliance with European Law. I won the Mr Gay Czech Republic and Slovak Republic pageant in 2021 and have represented these two countries at the 2021 Mr. Gay World competition. I hold two European Training Instructor licences – in Fitness and Bodybuilding – and speak Czech, English, German, Slovak and Russian.

Your hobbies

I have a wide variety of interests, but would list the following as the primary ones:

1. TRAVEL – I have visited many countries and when I am able to take leave from my job, always use the time to fly to a different land to my own. Aside from the culture and traditions of the country I land in, I always take a keen interest in the politics that prevail there.

2. SPORT – I hold two European Training Instructor Licenses – in Fitness and Bodybuilding – and exercise regularly to keep in both physical and mental shape.

3. CARS – I have a passion for motor vehicles, both vintage and new, and enjoy building model cars in my spare time. The James Bond range is a favourite of mine.

4. SPECIAL PROJECTS & TECHNOLOGY – I have forged links with South Africa, and together with a South African, David Wicks, have begun a campaign highlighting the importance of growing old with purpose. My adeptness and grasp of modern technology are integral to the platform we are creating.

5. FURTHER EDUCATION – I hold a Masters Degree and it is my intention to complete a PhD in the field of International Relations.

Why should you become MGE22

My reasons for winning are three-fold:

1. I have a Masters Degree in International Relations and Political Science. My curriculum placed emphasis on Diplomacy and I have first hand experience in this arena, having worked in international relations within government. Being an ambassador for Mr Gay Europe means having to deal with anti-LGBTQ+ and anti-beauty pageant lobby groups. I believe that the key to winning credibility and respect is to negotiate stormy waters with diplomacy, tact and détente, all of which are skills that I possess.

2. My age. At 49, I will be one of the oldest competitors. Growing old has a negative stigma so I believe that, through winning, I can inspire an older generation – marginalised due to their years – by demonstrating the power of maturity, and highlighting the importance of wisdom, confidence and life experience in being a true champion. This is turn embraces the overall theme of inclusivity which is the cornerstone of this competition.

3. My appearance. I am an advocate for a healthy lifestyle and having obtained two European Professional Fitness Licenses, am fully equipped to represent the physical manifestation of a winner.

How would your friends describe you

“Friends” is a word that is often (mis)used with impunity, without properly considering what it actually means. I choose my friends very carefully and, when speaking of them, I mean REAL, TRUE friends, and not just acquaintances. My friends are open-minded, and possess heart and brains. They are real personalities. I respect them greatly and they are the gold of my life. My friends know me well and would say that I am a highly intelligent and sensitive leader, but simultaneously firm when the need arises They would describe me as determined, hardworking, and conscientious. Sincere, insightful and supportive are also adjectives they would use, and I know that my infectious eternal optimism is highly favoured by them.

Your idea for your national costume

This is an important feature of the competition because it is an opportunity to showcase the country as opposed to the wearer. My first idea was to present a traditional national costume; however, the problem with that would then be which region to choose. Singling out one region in particular would be neither tactful nor diplomatic because I am the winner of a competition representing both the Czech and the Slovak Republics. For that reason I have chosen another form of presentation. My national costume will be in colours of Czechia and Slovakia – which are the same: red, white and blue – and I would then use symbols to represent the products and characteristics associated with the two Republics. These are for example, crystal, beer, fairy tales, cars, Slovakian mountains, Medieval history etc.