I would like to participate in Mr Gay Europe because I would like to reach out to those who feel somewhat outcast within our community due to prejudice or lack of information.

I would like to help address the idea of toxic masculinity within our community, I have what most would deem a stereotypical Masculine appearance, but I am extremely comfortable with my feminine side and through my burlesque work I like to blur the lines of between the two preconceived notions of what masculinity and femininity are.

As an openly HIV positive man I feel that it is important to help break down the stigma still attached to being HIV positive.

I am currently applying to become a Peer Mentor for HIV Charity Positive East, this scheme pairs a positive person that is on medication with people that are coming to terms with their new diagnosis. This is something I have been doing in my personal life for many years now and this opportunity to help more people outside of my immediate group is something that I have become very passionate about.

Positive East are London’s largest HIV charity and have been around for 26 years, and I think that having a Mr Gay Europe as a volunteer will help raise the profile of the charity outside of London.

Having an openly HIV positive Mr Gay Europe will only help break down stigma that is attached to having HIV, and if I can help shine light on this and help educate others along the way then amazing.

If me becoming Mr Gay Europe can help someone in a small town somewhere realize that things can get better and that being completely comfortable in who you are regardless of what society tells you to do or be then I will be a very happy man.

Name: Phillip Antony Dzwonkiewicz
Age: 36
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Brown
Height: 182 cm

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