Singing with Europe’s largest male choir, the LGMC, has given me the opportunity to campaign for LGBTIQ+ equality and rights in the UK and in various countries across Europe. I sang outside the House of Lords when the Equal Marriage Bill was going through the Parliament (and at many same-sex weddings ever since), performed at No. 10 Downing Street as part of a campaign against Homophobia in Sport as well as performing at the 5th Prague Pride. Singing and music bring people together and can reach people on various emotional levels – a brilliant way of inspiring people and getting a message across particularly when singing to people who may never have met a gay person and helping to change their minds and opinions.

I feel like we have made many great leaps in LGBTIQ+ rights over the past decade in the UK and parts of Europe, but with such uncertainty in the world in 2017, it’s very clear that the work is far from done. So much hate and prejudice stems from a lack of exposure to and understanding of people who appear to be different and so we must keep pushing forward. Although I have the support of my fellow 200 LGMC singers when I campaign and perform with the LGMC, I have a real desire to do more and if I become Mr Gay Europe 2017, I will use all my experience and have an even bigger and more flexible platform to break down barriers, push buttons and challenge those prejudices.

I also feel that body confidence is a massive issue within the LGBTIQ+ community and we can be our own worst enemy at times (to ourselves and each other). Having struggled greatly with my weight and my own body image over the years, I think it’s hugely important to spread a message that we all come in shapes and sizes and that’s really ok while promoting the wellness benefits of fitness and a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

As a lawyer, I am trained to negotiate and challenge opposing views and with my past experience as a lecturer and performer I feel at home on a stage and I’m sure I will be an effective Scottish representative and LGBTIQ+ Ambassador.

Name: Steven Whyte
Age: 39
Hair colour: Blond
Eye colour: Blue
Height: 174 cm

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