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The core group that keeps Mr Gay Europe running for year to year.



Tim Küsters won Mr Gay Europe in august 2023.  At MGE we like to invite the titleholder to join the team to represent the new delegates.

Tim is also the MGE organisation’s front figure in connection with events, Pride etc.



Tore Aasheim is the co-founder of Mr Gay Europe and now the sole owner. In his daytime job Tore is working as a senior advicer for the organization Sex og Politikk – IPPF Norway is a non-profit and politically independent member-based organisation that works to strengthen and promote sexual and reproductive health and rights in Norway and internationally.

Beate Adriana


Beate has been part of the Mr Gay Europe organisation in its different incarnations since 2005, taking on a more active role since 2012. The roles have been many and they’ve been varied. She’s been photographer, delegate liaison and problem solver. She’s designed the website and been a one-woman-cheer squad, and the voice of reason. Beate believes in equality for everyone and isn’t afraid to voice her opinion when she sees someone she doesn’t agree with.

International Human Rights Advisor


Coenie Kukkuk is a practicing attorney of the High Court of South Africa and served as a Commissioner of the Small Claims Court from 1996 – 2009 and as the attorney of Joburg Pride from 2007 to 2011.

He currently edits the social news network He was also a founder director of Mr Gay South Africa (Pty) Ltd in 2009 and served on the board of Mr Gay World from 2011 – 2016 as Director of Africa & Middle East.

Delegate Executive


Enrique won the title in 2018 and he work as a financial adviser, with a lot of his clients coming from the LGBTQ+ society. Enrique’s task in the MGE team is to reach out to new producers and to delegates from countries with no national producers. He works closely with the President to establish new national producers throughout the continent.

Delegate Health & Wellbeing


Nick believes in activism and avocation for gender and sexuality rights. On many occasions he has been spotted lobbying MP’s and working with the Missing Medicines campaign fighting against Pharmaceutical capitalism for HIV medications. Nick has a  MSc Physiotherapy Degree. His company BODYWRX Rehabilitation specialises in the assessment, treatment and management of mental & physical health conditions. Nick is head of medical at MGE.

Delegate Liason


Robbie Lawlor became active within the HIV community since his diagnosis in 2012. He found his adjustment to living with HIV difficult due to the side effects of medication, living in a deafening silence, and the incessant fear of being “outed”. Working with various UK NGO’s such as Stop AIDS, Youth Stop AIDS, and Restless Development, he wishes to use his experiences to implement effective strategies to break the stigma surrounding HIV both nationally and globally.

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