1) Mr Gay Europe (established 2004) is a non-profit, independent and non-political competition and organization. Its objective is to organize and deliver international events that are inclusive and that are of benefit to the gay community all over Europe.

2) The Mr Gay Europe competition strives to be a mentor in promoting gay role models that will advance gay human rights both locally and throughout Europe. As a delegate to Mr Gay Europe, the delegate signifies his intent to be honour-bound by the following code of ethics:
– To treat delegates, staff, judges and associates with respect and dignity;
– To conduct himself with honesty, integrity and fairness and respect to the people around him;
– To not discriminate based on race, colour, creed, religion, national origin, age, disability, marital status, gender, gender identity or sexual orientation;
– To be responsible at all times for the truthful and non-deceptive promotion regarding Mr Gay Europe’s visions;
– To support the goals of Mr Gay Europe, as well as support the LGBTIQ+ community in general, in a constructive and positive manner;
– To conduct business with strict adherence to the laws of their respective legal jurisdictions, the business or professional codes existent in such jurisdiction, and the particular business or profession, and in accordance with generally accepted business practices.

3) Mr Gay Europe is a network of equals. It is a competition that draws delegates from all over Europe and reinforces the cultural bonds of the gay communities into a positive European network for raising awareness, promoting visibility, offering support to the wider LGBTIQ+ community for human rights, and acknowledging the active citizenship of gay people throughout Europe.

4) The delegates, as national winners possess many qualities. The winner will have a unique combination of intellect, confidence, awareness, self-esteem, looks and charm.

5) During the stages of the competition, and particularly in the personal interviews, the juries will focus on a man who:
– shows an understanding of the world and people around him;
– of how he can help contribute to a more equal and respectful society for all;
– has respect for a range of views, but has confidence in expressing his own, when pursuing justice and well-being for gay people in all societies;
– embraces cultural, linguistic, ability, gender, age, faith and sexual orientation diversity as norms to be promoted in a respectful world;
– can learn, articulate his thoughts and conduct an intelligent conversation with people both gay and straight and even with people who do not share his views or values;
– could be the man any group or company would like to have as their spokesperson;
– is at ease in any social setting, being formal or informal;
– can articulate his opinions and knowledge and without effort convey it to an audience, media outlet or interviewer;
– is involved in his local LGBTIQ+ community (taking into account legal constraints in certain countries);
– can be an ambassador of goodwill between all communities, by being visible, inspiring confidence and reinforcing understanding of the richness of cultural difference globally;
– is confident in his own values, attributes and opinion.
– is intelligent – with a reasonable general knowledge and a good knowledge of LGBTIQ+ rights, issues and recent LGBTIQ+ events worldwide;
– is respectful and careful of his appearance and wellbeing.

Countries and producers

6) Each Mr Gay Europe competition is held in a European host city.

7) European countries, regions and states can participate with delegates in Mr Gay Europe. See HERE.

8) The Mr Gay Europe organization strides to work and connect with official Mr Gay competitions and producers in each country.

9) Regarding Mr Gay Europe, a national Mr Gay competition and/or producer is official when certified in writing by the Mr Gay Europe organization. The national competition does not necessarily need to include the name “Mr Gay” or the name of the country.

10) Only delegates elected in national competitions named “Mr Gay <name of country>” and which hold the rights to legally use the name “Mr Gay <name of country>” in the respective countries will be titled “Mr Gay <name of country>”. Other delegates will be titled “The delegate representing <name of country>”.

11) If a country does not have an official Mr Gay competition and/or producer, any organization or person can come to an agreement with the Mr Gay Europe organization to arrange a national final with the aim to find a national representative to Mr Gay Europe.

12) Should a country, a producer or a local Mr Gay decline an invitation to enter the Mr Gay Europe competition, the invitation will be extended to other partners wishing to enter a delegate who will represent that country in the competition. They will be referred to as official delegates for their country, but not title-holders.

13) If a country participates in the event one year, it does not confer automatic entry into the event the following year. Likewise if the country is not included one year, it does not prevent it from being invited another year. Mr Gay Europe will prioritize diversity in race, age, faith, region, ability, language, appearance and if a country has a well-functioning Mr Gay competition/production in selecting the finalists. A country who wins the final has the right to compete the following year, this also goes for the host country.

14) Mr Gay Europe is about organizing international competitions and events. It has no role in selecting or interfering in national contests or their organization. It does not promote rival or competitive national competitions, where a national transparent event exists. It seeks to co-operate with these well run, value driven, national contests where possible.

16) Every effort will be made to ensure participation by the legitimate national winner, provided that the national contest is established and has been held at least once in the previous two years. In the event of no national event having been held in the previous two years, then Mr Gay Europe may accept a nomination from a new contest in that country.

17) In exceptional circumstances, if a country does not have an official Mr Gay competition and an organization and no other national partners or organizers want to appoint, select or nominate a delegate, any gay man with a passport from a given country can register as a delegate. The final decision as to whether to accept an independent application or the number of these allowed rests with the Mr Gay Europe organization.

18) If due to time and schedule a country selects a new Mr Gay candidate between a regional competition and Mr Gay Europe, it is up to the local producer to determine which of the candidates in question is to go to Mr Gay Europe.

19) Each delegate has to pay a fee in order to be able to register. The size of the fee is determined before registrations open for each competition. If it is decided for some reason a country will not take part or the online vote is not completed, then the fee for those registered from that country will be refunded.


20) All of the delegates will take part fully in the Mr Gay Europe event and following the final, will act as “ambassadors” for Mr Gay Europe in their region for the year. The grand finale is a show of winners and national role models. Each delegate will receive two complimentary tickets for his local hosts, arrangers, family or friends. Extra tickets for friends or relatives can be bought at a later stage.

21) Delegates will be invited to take part in all segments of the final and segments will be tailored if necessary to respect differences in ability, language or culture where possible. Mr Gay Europe commits itself to ensuring that all elements of the competition will be appropriate, will not enhance negative stereotypes, and will be appealing and comfortable for all delegates.

22) The Mr Gay Europe organization will decide the number of contestants in each competition. One delegate will be named Mr Gay Europe. Two other delegates will be second place and third place, and in the event of the winner not fulfilling his duties satisfactorily or resigning, then the next in line will be invited by the Mr Gay Europe organization to succeed to the title.

23) The adjudication process is open and transparent. The Mr Gay Europe organization will appoint at least 2 adjudicators including the local producers who will nominate at least one of those adjudicators. Adjudicators cannot address or be part of the judging panel. They will collate the marks of each preliminary jury in advance of the Final (and maintain them confidentially).

24) During the final they collate the marks of each judge at the conclusion of each section, cross check the addition and cumulate the totals. The two adjudicators are responsible for presenting the final tally of marks on time and accurately to the Chairman of the Jury who then will announce the result.

25) Any jury member who has reasonable doubts as to the transparency of the marking or assessment system can ask for access to the tallied results but must agree to retain their confidentiality. In the event of a discrepancy in the announced result and the tallied marks being uncovered, that jury member has the right to call a full meeting of the Mr Gay Europe organization which will be immediately convened. This meeting will examine the marking calculations, and will determine the true result as marked and correctly tallied.

26) At the conclusion of each final, national producers are immediately invited to register for the next competition and as soon as possible asked to provide the dates for their next local Mr Gay competition and details of their winner. The Mr Gay Europe website welcomes details of these events and will be pleased to promote them on the Mr Gay Europe website.


27) The delegate is an adult. He should not require correction or supervision. He is asked to co-operate with all reasonable requests and all requests to be on time. Delegates and winners are required to respect the laws of the country they are in, to respect the cultures of their fellow delegates and to respect the privacy of others.

28) Delegates or winners who are uncomfortable with any action, decision or behaviour of anyone associated with the Mr Gay Europe event are invited to contact any of the members of the Mr Gay Europe organization who will make every effort to restore the delegates confidence in the standards of the event.

29) The candidate from each country must be available for the dates listed in the program for each competition, and arrive on the time given by the Mr Gay Europe organization. The winner of Mr Gay Europe must also be available for interviews and other official duties on the day after the finals.

30) The delegate must be reachable by text message, email or social media on a regular basis. It is expected that the delegate and his producers reply to messages and important information within 2 (two) working days.

31) The delegate must able to understand a minimum of, and communicate in English, which is the official language of Mr Gay Europe. Correspondence with the delegates and producers will be conducted in English.

32) The delegate must be able to be present at the European final at the dates and times stated on the Mr Gay Europe website, in the Mr Gay Europe handbook, Mr Gay Europe official program and the Mr Gay Europe registration form.

33) Mr Gay Europe provides free accommodation and food during the event for the delegate. The delegate is responsible for any extra costs; room-service, telephone calls, mini-bar, alcoholic beverages, pocket-money etc.

34) The delegate must be 18 years of age or older on the day of the European final. There is no maximum age limit.

35) The delegate will be sharing double room, twin beds, with one of the other delegates. The delegate will not be allowed to share a room with his producer, partner etc. This is part of our friendship program and has through the years proved to be a success in ensuring delegates leave with a network of new friends around Europe. It also fosters camaraderie and support amongst delegates to ensure everyone makes it to the events on time and that everyone interacts with their fellow delegates.

The Jury

36) The jury will consist of at least five people. One of the five will be appointed head of the jury by the Mr Gay Europe organization. More than half of the jurors will represent other countries than the host country. Countries outside of Europe may be represented among the judges.

37) There will be a special preliminary jury for the swim wear contest and for the interviews conducted before the finals.

38) No national producers or organizers can be present in the jury.

39) To ensure a fair competition, there will be no personal stylists, hairdressers or local producers permitted backstage or in the delegate’s hotel rooms at any time. If the delegate wants to meet up with friends, family and producers, he has to arrange for this to happen outside the hotel room.

40) From the time a delegate has checked into the hotel and until the grand final is over, a delegate is not allowed to meet up with anyone in the Mr Gay Europe organization, the jury or the Mr Gay Europe staff one-on-one in private. The delegate should always be accompanied by another delegate or his producer, or the meeting should be with two or more from the Mr Gay Europe organization/staff. This does not apply in cases of emergencies.


41) Smoking is not allowed in hotel rooms.

42) Any use of recreational drugs is prohibited and automatically disqualifies the delegate from the competition.

43) Any misconduct, non-observance of rules, use of recreational drugs or disrespectful behaviour by a delegate may result in immediate dismissal from Mr Gay Europe, as determined by the Mr Gay Europe organization.

44) All delegates must be willing to be photographed, videotaped and interviewed at all times. Delegates understand that the photos, video footage and interviews can be distributed, and the show can be broadcast, domestic and foreign, without any limitations, and without any fee to the delegates.

45) There will be media coverage, interviews and a brief press conference immediately following the grand finale. The winner is required to participate in these activities.

46) Prizes are not exchangeable for a cash value. The sponsors are responsible for prizes, not Mr Gay Europe. The winner will have to request his prizes himself, although vouchers will be supplied where applicable. Mr Gay Europe will all times endeavour that sponsors deliver prizes. However, Mr Gay Europe can not be held responsible for any prizes not delivered or not delivered on time.

47) The organizers will not be held responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever related to the competition before, during or after the competition or for whatever reason. Entrants enter the competition wholly at own risk, and it is a requirement that the delegate holds a valid travel insurance for the duration of the competition.

48) The Mr Gay Europe organization reserves the right to disqualify any delegate who brings the Mr Gay Europe competition into disrepute in whatever way, refuses to carry out instructions or do not abide by the rules, stated here and/or stated during and after the competition.

The challenges

49) To become Mr Gay Europe, the delegates have to compete in different categories/challenges, where the delegates get their marks. At the end of the competition the marks are all added up and the delegate with the most points gets to name himself Mr Gay Europe.

A. Personal interview (4)
A panel of judges interviews the delegates. This is the most important challenge during the competition.

B. Written test (3)
The delegates will answer questions on European politics, gay culture and trivia in a specific time frame set by the judges.

C. The Question (1)
This challenge only applies to those who make it to the Top 5. Each and every one of the delegates writes down a question and the delegates that make it to the Top 5 pull the question they are to answer from a container.

D. Online vote (2)
From 1 July until 4 August anyone can vote for their favourite delegate online. It is free of charge; you don’t need an app or a smartphone to vote; you can ask your mother, all your friends and fans to make that “click” once a day!

E. SoMe (1)
The delegates are assessed from how well they perform and promote themselves on Social Media.

F. Presentation video (2)
The delegates have to send in a short video presentation of themselves; not later than 8 July. The presentation can be an edited video or a video recorded in one take and the maximum time is 180 seconds. (Format: MP4) The video should be a presentation of the delegate and his personality.

G. Mr Congeniality (1)
Who does the other delegates think is the most likable, friendly and nice guy among them. We will all find out at the finale.

H. Photo session (2)
A professional photographer and a stylist work with the delegates and they are to show off their best angle. The delegates get judged both by how they work with the photographer and by the final result.

I. Sports (1)
This challenge will show how fit the delegates are.

Points and vectoring

50) The winner of each challenge gets 12 points (multiplied by the vector), and the rest of the delegates are awarded 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and 0 points. If a challenge demands an assessment the judges award the delegates from 0 to 100 points. When added together that gives the winner.


51) The Mr Gay Europe competition, name and trademark are owned and represented by Move On Productions, a Norwegian registered company.

52) The Mr Gay Europe title remains the property of Mr Gay Europe and can be transferred at any time to another delegate in the event of a breach of the contract.

53) Local Mr Gay producers, organizations, companies or people intending to host the Mr Gay Europe competition must provide the Mr Gay Europe organization with a testimony of their shared commitment to the values of the event.

54) Each applicant city must provide a detailed production plan regarding marketing, budget, communications, public relations, evidence of local solidarity with national gay organizations and a professional production proposal for the international competition.

55) Mr Gay Europe will reserve the right to approve all final images used and statements made on behalf of the competition. Interested parties may inquire for a detailed list of requirements needed for hosting the Mr Gay Europe competition. The Mr Gay Europe competition will be a joint event between Mr Gay Europe and the selected National Producer.