Video Guidelines

For Mr Gay Europe 2022 you must submit a short video (60 – 90 seconds) where you present yourself, which country you are representing, and you tell something about how it is to be gay in your country.

The film will be shared on our webpage, on social media and on a reception at the town hall.

You must film the video in landscape format (not portrait format) and there is no need to use professional camera, you can use your telephone to do the recording.

There is no need to add on special effects, text etc. onto the video, in this video it is the content that is the most important part.

Make sure to film in surroundings with not too much noise and keep the background clean and tidy or at a distance. For example, against a plain wall or standing somewhere you can see the landscape in the background.

Send the video to before 1. August. Good luck!

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