The Interview

The interview

The Personal Interview is held with a preliminary panel of judges and gives you the opportunity to talk personally with the judges. Think of this as a job interview and dress accordingly and make sure you leave the judges with no doubt that they should pick you as Mr Gay Europe 2023.

Sometimes you have to undergo interviews and they can seem frightening and make you nervous. Here are a few reminders that hopefully will make you less apprehensive:

Relax! These judges are not your enemies. They want you to succeed and be charming. They want you to be super! That doesn’t mean coming across as arrogant; but being a genuine, healthy, and sane person they would want to work with.

Be yourself, if time permits, ask one of the judges a question about them. Everyone loves to talk about themselves. But don’t be too pushy or too eager.

Be honest. These judges are experienced people and will see right through you if you lie.

Try to “shine” and be welcoming of their questions and smile and have fun with them. That’s what this personal interview is all about.

Test yourself. That way you’ll remember your own answers better. Be specific, but not too brief. Answer in full sentences. If your English is not too good, give simple and straightforward answers.

Remember; don’t get provoked, but relax, be honest and to the point, don’t forget to smile and look the judges and the journalists in the eyes! Good luck!

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