Photo Guidelines


Pictures are important. A photo can tell a story, a photo can tell a thousand words and a photo can be horribly revealing.

We’ve all taken a billion selfies and posted them on social media. Cool and fun selfies have their time and place, but it’s not what people are looking for when they’re looking to place their vote with one of the delegates, and you want them to use their one vote on you!

  1. First you must make sure your face is sharp and in focus! Blurry might be a cool effect on social media, not when you need those votes to have a chance to win.
  2. Try to keep that background tidy and plain. Unless you have a photographer, who knows what they’re doing and know how to blur out the background while keeping you in focus, find a background that doesn’t steal the attention away from you.
  3. Keep your clothes on! A little bit of skin never hurt anyone, but too much is off-putting and might send those votes to someone else. If you are comfortable in your speedos that is totally ok, just remember that those photos are the hardest to look classy.
  4. Look into the camera. Eye contact connects you with your voters.
  5. Send in photos with different motives, one in some jeans and a nice t-shirt, maybe in a suit, swimwear or whatever makes you feel comfortable.

IMPORTANT: The photos should be approximately 2000 pixels wide with a resolution not less than 72 dpi and/or about 3-5 MB big. Photos smaller than 1MB are rarely used. There should be space around the motive to enable us to crop the image into different formats.

Here are some YES, NO and MAYBE examples and comments:

NO Handsome guy, but as long as we can’t see your eyes, this photo will not be approved.

YES Eye contact with the camera, and even if he shows a little skin, it is hardly X-rated.

MAYBE Not the best photo in the world, but this image would be approved, but we have a feeling it won’t get many votes.

YES Eye contact with the camera is really important! Black and white images will also be approved.

YES Okay, so it looks like this guy’s passport photo, but it will do!

YES Here you see a guy who has worked on his look and this guy wants to win. Remember that the voters tend to vote for an image that ”sells”.

NO Only the contestant should be in the photo, and masking your holiday flirt, boyfriend or buddy won’t help you!

NO The voters want to know who they are voting for, the image should be in focus.

MAYBE Not exactly your average ”sunshine boy”, but if you desire to have a tough, serious, or sensitive look it is really up to you.

NO Probably a fun profile photo for Facebook and Instagram, but the image should be in focus and show you off from your best side.

NO Save it for Facebook, will ’ya?

MAYBE But try to look straight into the camera (no pun intended) and more importantly, that the image is actually of you…

NO Surely a nice holiday photo, but we’d like to see your eyes, and this is not Gridr so you do not need to be half naked like in this photo…

YES Elaborate hairstyles, tattoos and such should not prevent you from entering the Mr. Gay Europe Competition.

NO Cute smile, but please keep your willy inside your pants. Both in the photo and on stage.

NO Absolutely no eye contact and obscured face.

YES If you desire to make a statement about your profession, or where you stand politically go ahead! Just make sure that we see you too and not only your statement.

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