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17 May, 2024 | News


17 May is both IDAHOBIT and the Norwegian National Day, so what could be better than starting Mr Gay Europe Tim Küster’s campaign “Be Proud, Be Strong, Be Mentally Healthy” in Oslo?

“What you do is very important! The mayor of the Norwegian capital,” Ms. Anne Lindboe, is a committed ally to the Mr Gay Europe’s campaign for mental health in the LGBTQI+ community.

But first: The International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT) is observed on May 17 and aims to coordinate international events that raise awareness of LGBT rights violations and stimulate interest in LGBT rights work worldwide. By 2016 the commemorations had taken place in over 130 countries.

So, it is with great pride and joy that on this day Mr Gay Europe and Tim Küsters launch “Be Proud, Be Strong, Be Mentally Healthy”, a campaign for better mental health in the LGBTQI community.

Earlier Mr Gay Europe Tim Küsters was in Oslo, Norway to finalize the plans for his campaign “Be Proud, Be Strong, Be Mentally Healthy”.

He had, among other things, a meeting with the organization Mental Health Youth, where he received good advice and input on what young people are concerned about when they call the organisation’s helpline.

On the same trip, Tim also visited the Norwegian parliament, and he got to meet Oslo’s mayor, Ms. Anne Lindboe. Although the topic for the meeting was serious enough, it turned out to be a cheerful and humorous meeting.

It was a committed mayor who invited the Mr Gay Europe team into her office. The mayor emphasised the importance of us all caring when we think or see that someone is struggling mentally.

“This is something that affects the whole of society, not just LGBTQI people, but I know that the persons from the LGBTQI community have a much greater chance of having mental problems due to inflicted shame, minority stress and other challenges because you are part of a minority,” the mayor stated.

“I think what you are doing is very important, and I ensure you that Oslo municipality is a staunch ally to the LGBTQI community,” emphasized Lindboe.

Tim talked about his campaign and pointed out that it is intended as a low-threshold campaign where everyone can contribute, and referred to the list of things you can do to make life a little easier for others.

“The most important thing is to ask, and at the same time be prepared to take your time and let the other person can talk. It is not dangerous to be direct, indeed, even asking someone if they have thought about suicide is not going to lead to someone committing suicide. The only thing that can happen is that you save a life,” Tim explained to the mayor.

Also, in the MGE team is Tim’s partner, who is also named Tim. When Tim introduced his partner to the mayor, one of the other members of the team jokingly said; yes, we just call him “first lady” – something that caused a lot of laughter in the mayor’s office – and as the mayor later revealed, “that’s what I call my boyfriend too.”

The meeting in Oslo is the first of many that Tim will have around Europe in the coming months to raise awareness of the “Be Proud, Be Strong, Be Mentally Healthy” campaign.

Yeah, and happy national day to Norway.

Keep on talking and asking, we are listening

This article is part of Tim Küsters’ Mr Gay Europe campaign: Be Proud, Be Strong, Be Mentally Healthy. Over the next few months, you will find a number of articles dealing with this topic on mrgayeurope.com.

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