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27 April, 2024 | News
Befrienders Worldwide centres offer confidential emotional support to anyone in crisis.

Befrienders Worldwide is a global suicide prevention servie, and on their homepage they write:

We believe in giving a person the opportunity to explore feelings which can cause distress, the importance of being listened to, in confidence, anonymously, and without prejudice.

The main aim of their centres is to give emotional support to people when they are suicidal. The centres also alleviate misery, loneliness, despair and depression by listening to anyone who feels they have nowhere else to turn.

The people who run the centres – Befrienders – are volunteers who have all been specially trained. The work is non-political and non-religious, and volunteers do not try to impose their convictions on anyone. They simply listen.

The fact that someone has been in contact with a centre – whether by telephone, letter, email, internet chat, SMS text message or in a face-to-face meeting – is strictly confidential. So too is everything that the person tells a Befriender. Some callers prefer to remain anonymous – and that’s fine.

If you want to get in touch with Befrienders Worldwide, click on the banner below:

This banner takes you to a page where you can search for the nearest Befrienders Worldwide center and find out more about the organization before making contact if you wish.

You can surf the page in several languages: Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Filipino, French, Hindi. Japanese, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Russian, Swahili, Thai, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Zulu, and English.

The page contains several texts on how you can help yourself. In addition, it provides information and advice to you who want to help someone whom you think needs help.

Disclaimer: Bifrienders Worldwide is a voluntary organization in the same way as Mr Gay Europe. Apart from telling you about about their service and centers, there are no other links between the two organisations. If you choose to use any of Befriender’s services, you do so on your own initiative and responsibility. If you wish to notify Mr Gay Europe of any mischiefs or unwanted experiences, you can do so by sending an email to office(a) or use the contact form at our frontpage.

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