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27 April, 2024 | News
One of the most important elements in the BPBSBMH campaign is dialogue and communication, and that people meet and talk together.

In the future, Tim will aim to be present at meetings and events, sometimes even online so that everyone can reach him regardless of where they live in Europe. Feel free to get in touch today and arrange a meeting. #cherishthemoment

Tim would very much like to visit you and your local community to talk about the “Be Proud, Be Strong, Be Mentally Healthy” campaign.

If you for exsample are going to organize a meeting with the theme of mental health or are responsible for a Pride event or want him to participate in an event to promote metal health or talk about the campaign, get in touch via email or the contact form at front page and the MGE team will check Tim’s calendar.

The same applies if you work as a journalist for a magazine or website or have your own podcast, get in touch via email or the contact form at front page and you will be able to speak to Tim.

NEW! Updated list!

Tim will be traveling/at these events:

  • 05-05-2024, Oslo (Norway) – Meetings, Photo session, Interviews.
  • 11-05-2024, Oostende (Belgium) – Pride Festival.
  • 18-05-2024, Brussels (Belgium) – Brussel Pride.
  • 19-05-2024, Brussel (Belgium) – Judge Showqueen Awards.
  • 27-05-2024, Amsterdam (The Netherlands) – Winq Diversity Awards.
  • 01-06-2024, Utrecht (The Netherlands) – Utrecht Pride.
  • 08-06-2024 Sitges (Spain) – Sitges Pride.
  • 26-06-2024, Thessaloniki, (Greece)EuroPride, Panel debate: “Influencing society through sosial media” With Athina Tsagaraki, Gazelle & Gialu and Gigi Gorgeous. Moderator: Vasily Yadchanka.
  • 02-08-2024, Amsterdam (The Netherlands) – Amsterdam Pride.
  • 09-08-2024 Antwerp (Belgium)Antwerp Pride.


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