Mr Gay Europe visits Arctic Pride

14 November, 2022 | News

Mr. Gay Europe 2022 visited the city of Tromsø and Arctic Pride.

The trip to one of the northernmost Prides in the world is part of one of the things you get to do as Mr Gay Europe.

The reason why the titleholder travels to different places across the continent, is to get knowledge and information about the gay scene around Europe.

Tromsø is far from being a big city with a large gay scene, but Arctic Pride caters for the gay scene in an area with the same size as e.g., the country of Denmark. The area also has a large population of indigenous people, the Samis, which of course are also included in the Pride and makes the event special.

– I had a wonderful couple of days, Paul says. – The locals were very friendly, and I enjoyed their sense of humour.

One thing that Paul noticed was that one of the local congregations had a special tradition before the Pride parade on Saturday.

– It was so heart-warming to see a community inviting the youth over for free pre-parade breakfast.

Paul met up with different groups and people during the swift stay, a whole group of leather men who every year travel from all over Europe to Tromsø, the gay youth group, including a representative from the Sami people, and of course a few fans that spotted him at the front of the parade or at the Pride party the last evening.

Paul also got the opportunity to get a bird’s view of the city as he took the cable car to the top of a nearby mountain with a view of the city, the fjord, and the snow-covered mountains from above.

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