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Mr Gay Europe 2022 is going to be magical!

by | 1 December, 2021 | MGE Updates

It is really going to happen! Next summer we are all going to meet up for the 14th European finale of Mr Gay Europe in Alwnick, North East England and we at MGE hope you are ready for a magical event!

Why magical? First of all, we are going to meet again. Second, the event takes place at The Alnwick Garden and The Alnwick Castle which is mostly famous for being the magical setting of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the Harry Potter film franchise.

We can’t promise that you will be meeting Harry, Draco or Ron, but we can guarantee that you will meet a real Dutchess and some of her friends.

Mr Gay Europe 2022 will take place 15 – 21 August at The Alnwick Garden, and the nearest city is Newcastle Upon Tyne.

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It will be three years since we last met, but trust us, we are still up to the task of challenging our delegates. Mr Gay Europe 2022 will be the traditional competition, but we have added a few new features. Some of the preliminary rounds will be digital, but the final election will take place in England. This means that even more delegates can participate in the competition even if there are no national competitions in their region.

The registration for Mr Gay Europe 2022 is now open, final deadline to register is 17 May 2022. 

If a national finale is arranged in your country, you will receive information about this. The competition in produced by former Mr Gay World winner Stuart Hatton Jr. and his team.

Keep an eye on this website, we will be updating with more exciting news about the 2022 competition.

Register today and join in on the magic!

Mr Gay Europe president Tore Aasheim (left) and Mr Gay Europe 2022 producer Stuart Hatton Jr. enjoying planning for the 14th finale of Mr Gay Europe.

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