This year’s Mr Gay Europe finale takes place during the fabulous Cologne Pride, in Cologne, Germany, from Monday 1 July until Monday 8 July.

Cologne’s gay and lesbian community is inviting visitors to come to Cologne Pride every summer from late June to early July.

In addition to countless political, cultural and party events, two elements will form the core of Cologne Pride: the CSD (Christopher Street Day) street festival in the city centre and the big CSD pride parade.

The Mr Gay Europe competition is not at all an old fashion beauty pageant, but that does not mean we don’t have a lot of fun competing, networking, doing workshops and getting to know each other! It is an even packed with action and social activities; here is the outline of this year’s Mr Gay Europe program:


  • Arriving in Cologne, checking in at hotel and get together and welcome dinner


  • City Tour
  • Visiting a LGBTQ organization
  • Workshop
  • Dinner with a surprise…


  • Written test
  • Workshop
  • Sports challenge
  • BBQ with delegates and producers


  • Photogenic challenge
  • Workshop
  • TV interview challenge
  • Press conference
  • My Project Challenge
  • Dinner “Oktoberfest”


  • Jury interview
  • MGE panel discussion (Cologne Pride Street Festival)
  • Cologne Pride Opening Ceremony
  • “Candles against forgetting”
  • DREAMS party Cologne


  • Radio interviews challenge
  • Guided tour through the festival area
  • Showtime and celebrity acts
  • Presentation of the delegates on the main stage
  • Announcement of Mr Gay Europe 2019
  • Visiting the Sexy Party Cologne Pride Land Festival


  • Cologne Pride Parade with Mr Gay Europe float
  • Backstage dinner
  • Cologne Pride Street Festival


  • Departure and return home

The registration form is open and online, and anyone who wants to take part in the original international Mr Gay competition can sign on online.

Please note that if your country has a national Mr Gay competition you need to take part in the national finale before competition in the Mr Gay Europe finale. If your country does not have a national completion, you are free to sign on with the Mr Gay Europe organization and apply to represent your country. In order to represent a country, you need a passport from that country, or you have to have earned a national citizenship of the country in question.

All you have to do is to fill in our online registration and we will either direct your information to a national producer or evaluate your registration as a direct entry.