The last night of my stay in Oslo I was invited to the Norwegian Gay Galla 2018.

I’m was looking forward to this event as who doesn’t like a bit of glitz and glam eh… and anyone that knows me well knows I’m a dogwalker in my day job. So my every day attire is doggie clothes caked in mud. I do like these events so I get to dress up in nice clothes for a change and this Gay Galla night I was wearing a tailor made suit for me by Hugo Morris in Brighton.

So during the day to add to the excitement the MGE team got a message from the Minister of Equality that she would like me to walk down the red carpet with her. Totally honoured but the pressure was on; so straight to the gym to make me feel good for the night. LOL.

Once dressed we headed off to the event and met up with the minister, Ms Linda Hofstad Helleland and had the press photos done. She turned out to be a really lovely lady, dressed up in a beautiful gown and she confessed this was her first LGTB event after becoming the Minister of Equality only a few days before. She expressed an interest in Mr Gay Europe and told me she would love to support our cause.

I’m loving life at the point who wouldn’t? I also managed to get a photo with the Norwegian minister of culture Ms Trine Skei Grand too. She did the opening speech of the evening, and though I don’t understand that much Norwegian she made a powerful impression up onstage.

After the photos I had a good mingle amongst the crowd, as I do I like a good chat and a nosey to see who is around. I was very impressed how everyone was looking, it was a very glamourous event!

It was great to see some of the guys from the organisation I met on my first day FRI, and big congratulations to them as they won two awards.

I also met a couple of openly gay politicians from the Sami community . Sami people are indigenous tribe from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Russia. It was great chatting to them as I learnt lots about their culture. And how cool they get to work with reindeers! They looked amazing on the night too, dressed in the traditional attire. Later that night they actually won LGBT person of the year too, a massive congratulations to Mikkel Eskil Mikkelsen og Runar Myrnes Balto.

Amongst the pre drinks I met other celebrities, actors, stylists, opera singers and of course Norways most famous Drag Queen.

I found the Awards Ceremony very professional. Obviously not speaking Norwegian I couldn’t understand what the presenters said. But there were lots of theatre productions from Grease, ABBA and Queen. I love the theatre so this was fantastic to watch.

After the show, I had vip pass to After Party.. this is where I could de-sash and let my hair down a bit and have a great time.

What I great evening I thoroughly enjoyed myself but was ready for my bed when I got back at 2am!

– Matt