Do you know which countries allow same-sex marriages around the world?

Take a look at this video, you might be surprised regarding which countries have passed the legislation, and when and how they did it.

Let this be your gay rights homework of the week:

With the recent news from Australia about how they achieved a positive “yes” result in relation to the same sex marriage postal vote, it’s another step in the progression towards widespread equality for all in terms of marriage. Many countries have voted and enacted legislation pertaining to equality in relation to same sex marriage and these victories have been hard fought but many countries around the world are a long distance off from agreeing to these same sex marriage unions as part of the law of the land.

Achieving equality in relation to marriage for same sex couples isn’t just a symbolic thing, it has major repercussions for things like inheritance, taxation, and adoption and lots of other concerns. Being able to marry your same sex partner and for that union to be recognised by your resident country’s legal system is also about equality for all, no matter your sexual orientation.

Throughout the world, we have seen widespread joy and happiness at the announcement of these results over recent years and it’s a step towards a more progressive and inclusive society for all worldwide.

The people at Carvaka have put together this video which details the progress made by various countries across the globe in relation to same sex marriage. It highlights the timeline across which the legislation has been enacted and we see how far many countries have come in this regard. Check out the full video above.

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