Today, the delegates were off to the beach for a photoshoot unlike any other; sand on the ground, snow on top of the mountains and the Mr Gay Europe delegates next to the water.

After a beach photo shoot and press photographers covering the beach arrival, the boys took part in a volleyball match against the Mr Gay Europe team. Obviously the team won as they are fabulous at sports.

Then the boys were off to the local farm where they were served a traditional Norwegian dish “roemmegroet” made up of sour cream, salt and wheat with a nice drink of warm coffee. But Mr Denmark got a shock when he asked for milk with his coffee as he was made to milk a cow for his milky white coffee.

After a quick bite to eat it was goodbye to the cows, mountains and beaches as the boys took the local mall, Auna, in Oppdal as their team challenge began. They had to dress their stage, acquire some extra female models, find the clothes and choreograph their own fashion show. The show was a massive hit and it ended with a local lesbian couple (days before their wedding) ending the show alongside their son taking to the catwalk. The boys dressed in the five colours of the rainbow; red, orange, yellow, green, blue and the girls and their son completed the rainbow dressed in purple accompanied with the roaring chorus of “Let There Be Love”. The crowd cheered, kids asked for selfies with the delegates and grandmas thoroughly embraced the fashion show.

Well done boys. Mission accomplished. Time to relax, put up your feet and look forward to the finale tomorrow.