Mr Gay Europe is after all a competition and at the end of the day we are looking for a winner; a first among equals.

The delegates take part in different challenges and get points according to their results. Each challenge is vectored according to a pre-assessed table that the delegates know about before the competition takes place. For example “the interview” is vectored 4 but the “sports challenge” is vectored 1.

If a delegate wins a challenge he gets 12 points, number two gets 10 points, number three gets 8 points and then the rest gets 7, 6, 5 etc. points. If the challenge is vectored 4 the value of the win is then 48 points.

The Mr Gay Europe organization values transparency and openness regarding the scoring and results; so therefore we publish the results in all categories (Top 3).

We are however not about creating losers, so the delegates themselves can ask to see their own scores, but we don’t publish the scores from 4th place and downwards.



Belgium (48 points)

England (40 points)

Denmark (32 points)



Wales (12 points)



Spain (24 points)

Poland (20 points)

Denmark (16 points)



England (12 points)

Belgium (10 points)

Bulgaria (8 points)


Written test

Bulgaria (36 points)

Ireland (30 points)

England (24 points)


Social Media

Wales (12 points)

Belgium (10 points)

Denmark (8 points)


Video presentation

Belgium (24 points)

England (20 points)

Denmark (16 points)


Online vote

Poland (12 points)

Wales (10 points)

Ireland (8 points)


It all adds up; the winner Raf Van Puymbroeck also got 8 points in photo (7th place), 21 points in written test (4th place), 7 points in online vote (5th place); that gives him a total of 128 points, 16 points more than number two and 35 points more than number three.