The Mr Gay Europe Team presented the current Mr Gay UK, former Mr Gay Europe contestant and Mr Gay World 2014 winner as the new spokesperson in a brief press release this week.

Mr Hatton’s experience, from being a contestant himself, to winning and his experience with the media are according to the Mr Gay Europe Team; his strongest assets. Hatton is a Pride Radio Presenter, which broadcasts live around the world, and he presents TV shows on UK TV. Hatton will also be blogging on

– Why do you think that the Mr Gay Europe team asked you to step in as Managing Director?

– I am a very outspoken person and I have courage of my convictions. I have been through the processes of Mr Gay UK, Mr Gay Europe and Mr Gay World, the latter of which I won.  I understand the Mr Gay Europe team from both the delegates’ point of views and the directors’ point of views. I am looking forward to taking Mr Gay Europe to the next level and finding a positive role model for the European LGBTI community.

– Is it a paid position?

– No, everyone at Mr Gay Europe work voluntarily, this is something we do because we have a cause and a vision and believe in being there for the community, not to make profit out of it.

– Why do you think we still need events and competitions like Mr Gay Europe?

– Mr Gay Europe is the search for a European and global spokesperson to speak out on behalf of the LGBTI community. Mr Gay Europe searches for a man with brains and brawn who can capture the imagination of an audience and hold their attention of thought.

– What will be your role in the re-launched Mr Gay Europe?

– I will be the liaison between the directors and the delegates at the competition. I will be the media spokesperson and also the guide and advisor the newly crowned winner of Mr Gay Europe.  I have a passion for LGBTI rights throughout Europe and the World and I have a high standard that I expect from the new Mr Gay Europe.

– You are not worried you will outshine future title-holders, you being such an experienced Mr Gay contestant yourself?

-We are all in this as one big family. We are all here to help each other out and not outshine or compete against other winners. We are here to help promote LGBTI rights throughout the world and the more people that join in with this, the merrier.

– The competition claims that it is more than a beauty pageant, yet you yourself seem to be fond of photos showing off your own or other gay men’s well trained bodies.

– I have been a dancer all my life. Keeping fit is one of the things i like to do in my life for both professional and personal reasons. It is my own personal enjoyment to feel good in my own skin. It also takes a lot of “brain power” and mental discipline to stay in shape; knowing how to eat correctly and what nutrition to consume requires strict mental training as well as intense physical training. Going to the gym and cooking clean food is my hobby and i like to show off my progress in the same way that a painter shows off their artistry.

– So, tell us, what is Mr Gay Europe in your eyes? What makes it stand out as something different and important?

– Having competed in Mr Gay Europe, I found that as a gay man, my knowledge of LGBTI rights in other countries grew. Sitting down and talking to the delegates from all the different countries was such a fundamental part of my life.

I realised that there were struggles going on in other countries that i was not aware of. Mr Gay Europe gives all the delegates a chance to not only make friends but also make contacts and create life long bonds. All the men are here to work together and listen to each other to help European rights.

– What is your dearest moment from Mr Gay Europe?

My dearest moment from Mr Gay Europe is my continuing friendship with Mr Gay Ireland, Robbie Lawlor and Mr Gay Northern Ireland, Nick Flanagan. Because of Mr Gay Europe, I have met my dearest friends who I would trust with my life. Nick now lives with me in the UK and we are like brothers. If it wasn’t for MGE i would not have met my best friends.

– What will be your relationship with Mr Gay World?

– The Mr Gay World company are very dear to me. The title of winning Mr Gay World was what I used as a platform to globally launch my anti-bullying and homophobia campaign, “so what?” with. Winning Mr Gay World was one of the best moments of my life and for this I am grateful to the MGW corporation.

– Is the title holder mainly going to address the gay community or be the gay ambassador to the straight world?

– The title holder is here to be a point of contact for everyone. Mr Gay Europe is not just an exclusive ambassador to the gay community; he should be able to talk to children in schools, to the older straight generation. He is here to represent the best of himself to a global audience.

– What has been the most challenging part of being involved with the Mr Gay competitions so far?

– The most challenging part about being involved in the competitions is to have the courage to enter the competitions in the first place. But once you are in the environment and are talking to all the other contestants, then the nerves disappear as you start to make new friends and connections.

– What can you tell us about the next Mr Gay Europe final?

– Not much just yet. I don’t want to reveal too much. But one thing is for sure, it will be totally different from previous years. So watch this space…

– So who should sign up for the competition?

– If you have a voice and you want to speak on behalf of the LGBTI community. If you have the belief that you can capture the attention and the imagination of a global audience. If you believe that you can be the next Mr Gay Europe, then this is the competition for you.