So, finally I’m gonna sum up Stockholm Pride 2014. And I feel that this is gonna be very hard actually. Because there’s so much to say but I only have one word in mind – Incredible. I mean, when I arrived to Stockholm I didn’t know what to expect. Last years pride was fantastic of course because I won Mr. Gay Sweden and had so much fun with those boys and the parties were amazing. So I had a hard time believing that this year was going to top last year. But actually, it did.

I arrived to Stockholm on Wednesday, and I felt directly that there was a special atmosphere, the feeling of happiness that only appears during pride was hanging in the air. I was thrilled over just being back in Stockholm, a city that grows in my eyes everytime I’m there. I was suppose to attend at a mingle in the Pride Park before they opened up the doors for public and the inauguration were suppose to begin. It was very nice even though I didn’t know anybody. But I got to know some people who turned out to be very, very caring and nice.

At the opening cermony the biggest star was of course suppose to go on stage last, and whom would it be if it wasn’t this years eurovision queen herself? Conchita Wurst. So me and Navid (swedish manager) went to the hotel to pick her and her crew up. And of course she looked stunning. And not at all the diva that I’ve heard romours about. No, she was down to earth, calm, professional and really nice. And what a show she gave us. After the show we went to one of Navids restaurants, Pontonen, and got something to eat and after that, the party was on. And tonight my story ends here. But the night just continued in the same way, amazing.

The next day I went up really early to do a radio interview. This was the weekend when me and two other guys, Oliver & Björn, were suppose to launch our new campain, All For One, (Alla För En) a campain against everyday homophobia. So of course I got some questions about this but the major subject was just Pride.

On Friday it was time to crown the new Mr. Gay Sweden and I was very excited. I got to meet the guys in Pride Park to enter the big stage with them, and also this time, on the big stage promote the campain, and I got so much response from the crowd wich was an amazing feeling. After that we went to get something to eat, and pick up Detox who was the hostess for the night together with Jean Pierre Barda. After interviews the jury (where I’m icluded) was pretty sure about their decision, and after the show we was proud to announce the winner. He’s name – Anton Ljungberg. I just can’t wait to help him entering the world of Mr. Gay and be a part of ourbig family and hard work!

Of course this is just a sum up of a weekend filled with adventures, but I hope you feel satisfied with this. And if not, to bad for you!

Stay ProudJack