Giulio Spatola steps down as VP, but continues as the new producer of Italy.

Giulio Spatola steps down as VP, but continues as the new producer of Italy.

With immediate effect the MGE Vice President Giulio Spatola, Italy, steps down from his duties.

– The Mr Gay Europe organization is growing and we need to make some changes in the administration in order to get ready for the next chapter, Mr Tore Aasheim, president of Mr Gay Europe says.

Mr Aasheim also tells that there will be further changes in the organisation and the structure of the competition in the year to come.

– Mr Gay Europe has come a long way since the crazy party idea ten years ago in Oslo. This year’s show and live feed showed us that we and our producers are ready to move on. To reshuffle the organisation and develop the team is part of this process, Aasheim explains.

– After winning the title in Romania in 2011 Giulio immediately grabbed the challenge and he never asked what the title could do for him but what he could do for the title. His determination and focus on making the most out of the title instantly got my attention. Since he now is ready to focus on new challenges we found it timely for him to step down from his duties as the vice after this year’s competition.

Running a competition like Mr Gay Europe is not always easy, and when we have been facing tough challenges Giulio has always been supportive to the cause and the team and for that I am really grateful, Mr Aasheim says.

– As always, once you become a member of the MGE family you are welcome to stay with us as long as you want. The fact that Giulio is now leaving his post does not mean he is leaving our proud family, and I am honoured to be calling him my friend and that he will continue in the organisation with other responsibilities.

Giulio Spatola will still be working with video and media, and he will also take over the role as National Producer in Italy.

– Our MGE family is growing and it is nothing that makes us happier than previous delegates wanting to be national producers. They know what it takes to be a delegate and they also know what we are looking for.

– Italy has not taken part in the competition since 2012 and I want to change that. We also need to find a delegate that is ready for the challenge, and my job is now to find such a person, Spatola comments.

A new vice president will be appointed in the near future.