MGEvideoPLThis year we asked all the delegates to speak to the people in their own country, in their own language.

Even though English is the official language of Mr Gay Europe we understand that something might get lost in translation.

This year’s art challenge was to first create a poster with the message of hope, and then we asked the delegates to express their thoughts and feelings in front of a camera.

The whole event took place in the Bregenz Kunsthaus, what you see and hear is what happened there and then; now special effects, no special studio light or sound; this is what the delegates wanted to express.

All videos are uploaded on YouTube and you can all find them under the banner MGE video.

This is our message to the European people, messages from the delegates, from their heart and soul.

This is the video from the Polish delegate:

Photo: Beate A. Tecza, video: VideoKönig