Photo: Beate A Tecza/

Photo: Beate A Tecza/

This day was a day that I both had been looking forward to and feared. It was the day for the interview.

No, to be honest, I wasn’t that nervous. I mean, all you can do in an interview is to be yourself. And then it’s up to the jury if they like you and your opinions or not.

We were sitting on the terrace of the hotel under a big parasol, it was crazy hot. The interview lasted for about 10 – 15 minutes and actually was very laid back.

They checked so you’d been observant during the first days, that you’d listened to what the jury had said about LGBTI-history, LGBTI-rights and about situations for LGBTI-people in different countries. It’s always hard to say if an interview went well or not, but I had a good feeling about this one!

After the interview we got in the car to go to the Swarovski Kristallwelten where we were going to do a fashion show for the designer Markus Spazier and his brand Manufaktur Herzblut.

Then we got there we got lunch and then went on a guided tour in the Swarovski exhibition which was absolutely stunning. After the guided tour we was ”let loose” in the exhibition to take a photo for our instagram-challenge. I got stuck infront of a screen where you used your own body to create a digital crystal, that’s where my insta-challenge picture was taken.

We went back down to the room where the fasion show was going to take place and went backstage. There we got styled and dressed for the show. If you wanna see my outfit for the fasion show stay tuned on friday when I will post the pictures from the photo shoot for Manufaktur Herzblut, with the photographer Michael Fröhle.

Stay Proud

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Backstage at fashion show at Swarovski Kristallwelten. Photo: Beate A. Tecza/