Photo: Beate A Tecza

Photo: Beate A Tecza

Today is the day. I’ve seen the pictures and I longed for this day to come for 3 months now. Today, we’re going to Aqua Dome.

Aqua Dome is a spa resort with twelve different pools, three of them hanging in the air. They have a relaxing area and also a big gym. And the location… In the middle of a valley with mountains that stretch thousands of meters up around it does the ivy-mamut welcome you to the 4+ stars hotel. It’s incredible!

After the breakfast at Grand Hotel Europa in Innsbruck, also this a beautiful hotel, we packed our bags and checked out. The train only took around 30 minutes and we arrived in a small village. From there we took a bus out into what felt like nothing. The houses dissapeared and the only thing you could see was mountains and trees.

Every now and then a small village appeard and we made a quick stop. After about 30 more minutes we stoped and were told that this was our stop, also this in the middle of nowhere. And then after walking past some goats, the hotel appears like a castle. Okey, I might over do it a little, but it was so freakin nice!

We were only going to stay here for one night, and I got to share room with Olivier from France and David from Belgium. Two pretty calm guys so there was no problems. Me and Nick went on an adventure and discovered the hotel at the same time as we did todays Insta-challenge. After a couple of hours of spare time it was time for the rehearsals for the Swimwear Challenge.

We were suppose to be outside but for the first time during the week the weather was so-so, so we moved the show to the inside pool area. The show was pretty short, you went up to the hostess Kelly Heelton, answered a question, took off the robe and did your walk. In this competition it’s not important only to have a good body, but to be proud of your body. To show that you have confidence and is secure in yourself. I mean I don’t have the biggest muscles, but I still placed in top 5.

After this we got a lovely dinner at the hotel restaurant. And after that, the hotel manager Barbra had arranged a band to play in the loby and of course we helped out with the dancing!

Over all the stay at Aquadome was a-m-a-z-i-n-g and I will definitely go back one day!

Stay Proud

Photo: Beate A Tecza/

Photo: Beate A Tecza/


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