MGE talent challenge

Photo: Beate A. Tecza/

Monday mornings have never been my thing, and not this time either…

The alarm was set for 6.30 am, the train left the station one hour later. We had five hours on the rails ahead. But that was no problem, with the right company everything is fun! Me, Nick, Robbie, Christian and Stuart, Mr Gay UK, had a really nice trip together.

When we reached Innsbruck around noon we got our rooms, the next two I was about to spend with Stuart, and then got some lunch at the hotel.

Tonight was time for our first challenge, the Talent Show. So after the lunch I went up to the room and got some rest, got into the shower and got dress. Went to the ballroom at the hotel where the show was located and did my general rehearsal. Then back to the room and pep.

All talentshows was very impressive, in different ways. The thing that stroke me the most was the courage to go on stage for some of the guys who never done that before, and of course the improvement from the rehearsals. How all the guys took the feedback from the jury and really proessed it to improve their talent show. It all went very well for me, I sang as my talent, ”Live in living color” from ”Catch me if you can”.

Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Uk, Poland and me Sweden was the guys who went through from the talent show to perform it at the big final on the 14th.

Stay Proud

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