Photo: Beate A Tecza/

“I did not place myself in the Top 5 before the final.” Photo: Beate A Tecza/

Day of the finals. Who’s gonna win? Well, now we already know, but at that morning I had no idea.

I woke up that Saturday and thought; ”Ok Jack, your top 5… ehm, Austria, Ireland, Uk, Northern Ireland and Cyprus. But wait what?! Where’s me?” I didn’t even put myself in the top 5. I really saw so many winners in the group that I didn’t thought I had a chance. But I did not give up quite yet.

We went to the Festspielhaus around 11am to get ready for rehearsals at 12pm. We made one run through of the show that wasn’t so very good. Then we got a break and we got ready with showers, food, put our clothes in place and so on. The final just got closer and closer.

When it finally started our first entrance was our presentations. Each delegate was given a song to enter to, and a name to act by. My name was ”The Swedish Swagger” and entered to Swedish House Maffia’s ”Don’t you worry child”. We entered in our national costumes, wich for me just was yellow socks, blue shorts, yellow tanktop and a blue cap. Not so impressing, so I thought som flips would make it more interesting.

The second thing we did was sports wear. So we entered with a walk, and watched the movie from the sports-challenge and they announced the winner.

After that came the club wear. And then we did the congeniality challenge. Each delegate got a rose, and one by one we were suppose to give the rose to the person who we connected the most with during the week. The person with most roses won.

The last part in the first act was the fasion show with Marcus Spatziers clothes.

After the break we started out with probably the most appreciated part for the audience, the swim wear. So we walked out, watched the movie from Aqua Dome and then announced the winner!

Then it was time for my talent show. I must say that I’m proud over it. I’d done the song better before, but this was not so bad. As you know I sang a song from Catch me if you can, ”Live in living color”.

Quick change and time for suits. And after we walked with the suits, they announced winners from all other different challenges, I didn’t win a single one…

So when I was called in the top 5 it was a shock. But I was very happy! The top five was Austria, Uk, Northern Ireland, Denmark and me, so I was right in 3 out of 5. We all got a question to answer on the stage. And then it was time for the jury to decide the winner.

As probably you all know, I turned out to win Mr Gay Europe 2014. It’s such a privelige and I’m very happy to get the chance of becoming a role model for young LGBTI-people all over europe. If you wanna now more about my thoughts over my win, come back tomorrow!

Stay Proud