mge talent

Robert from Austria is one on the delegates we will meet again in the Grand Finale in Bregenz on Saturday. Foto: Beate A. Tecza

The only challenge in Mr Gay Europe that the delegates do not have to do if they don’t want is the talent competition.

This year, for the first time in the competition’s nine year history all the delegates stepped up to the challenge and performed at the talent competition.

Before the competition the delegates were informed that five of the acts would be picked to perform in the Grand Finale in Bregenz. That became a big challenge – not for the delegates – but for the producers who had a hard time to choose which acts that was going to be in the show.

Never have the level of acts been as high as this year’s delegates, and the audience in Bregenz and the live feed is in for a treat.

After much deliberation the producers asked for extra input from the rest of the production team and after some consideration it was decided that six and not five acts would be presented in the Grand Finale on Saturday, and the six delegates that you will see live is:

(In alphabetic order)



The Czech Republic




Break a leg guys!