The President of Mr Gay Europe talks about rules.

Vienna, 7. June 2014

Year nine of Mr Gay Europe kicks off with a delegate meet and greet in the Capital of Austria at The Hotel 1060 Vienna. The delegates have spent the day getting to know each other before getting down to the business of MGE 2014.

While Europe is diverse and some countries still have a way to go in terms of human rights, they learned from the African Director, Coenie Kukkuk, who is also one of this years judges, that things are much more dire in most African countries. While South Africa is liberal and has added gay rights to their constitution, going to a neighboring country can land you in jail just for having a boyfriend.


Dieter Sapper, Producer of MGE 2014, shows one of the more fun gifts for the delegates.

After some thought provoking words from Mr Kukkuk, it was time for the delegates to find out exactly what their prizes would be and to share “a taste of their country” with each other.


Mr Poland showing what he brought for “a taste of your country”.

Sunday has an early start for the delegates and a late ending, making it one of the busiest days during their stay in Austria. Sightseeing with the press in tow, it’s bound to be an interesting day for everyone involved.