The nation of Croatia recently voted to ban same-sex marriage, in a move driven by the Catholic Church.  Dark days indeed.
This is eerily reminiscent of the Mormon Church spending $20 million on ads to support the Prop 8 ban of same-sex marriage recognition in California.  This ridiculousness is only surpassed by the Church then spending millions more years later to reverse its stance in order to improve its public image.
Religious stances against same-sex marriage only serve to increase harm in the community.  As a construct of society, marriage must reflect and serve society.  From a public health perspective, same-sex marriage stands only to improve the physical, mental, and social wellbeing of both gay and straight communities.  Any church-sponsored argument against this, such as “protecting children”, is a dangerous farce.
Sadly the world appears to be divided through religion into pro-gay vs. anti-gay (as well as pro-choice vs. anti-choice).  Even while Pope Francis publicly recognizes the harm of the anti-gay argument, other Catholics and other sects continue to use religion to promote hate.
I argue that there is not only a role for both religion and gay rights to co-exist, but also a necessity.  It is up to all of us to continually construct a better society, if not for us then at least for our children.
With Love,
Robbie O’Bara
Mr Gay Europe 2013