robbiehealth2Over the coming weeks I’d like to stimulate discussion around different areas of LGBT health.  Have a question or an idea of a topic?  Please contact me HERE or write in the comment field below.

There was a time when gay health referred to HIV and HIV alone.  Oh boy is there so much more fruit in the basket of life!  Before I can even scratch the surface we need to know what health actually is.  One of my psychology professors summed this up very succinctly: Health is biological, psychological, and social wellbeing.

There is indeed still HIV and every other sexually transmitted infection to consider.  But health issues in our community go so much further to include body image, diet and eating disorders, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, violence, self-harm, and even certain cancers.

Furthermore, simply accessing healthcare is a real challenge for many.  How many gay people are completely honest with their doctor?  And how many doctors truly understand gay health?

I am going to broach these topics because this stuff matters, and knowledge is power.  But I also want to shed light on how very fortunate we all are to be who we are, and to be a part of this fantastically fabulous community.  This is not only something that we merit; we deserve to be strong in body, mind, and soul!  Don’t forget to e-mail me or comment below!

With love,
Robbie O’Bara
Mr Gay Europe 2013