Patrick Santos (24) is representing Austria in Mr Gay Europe 2013.

Patrick Santos (24) is representing Austria in Mr Gay Europe 2013.

The delegates for Mr Gay Europe 2013 are now ready after Austria signing on a few days ago. 14 of them will go on and compete in Mr Gay World the week after the European final. This is the biggest European delegation to MGW we have ever had, and the world should watch out, the Europeans are going to Antwerp to win!

The number of emails and questions from the delegates shows that it is going to be a tough competition, both in Mr Gay Europe in Prague 26 – 31 July and in Mr Gay World in Antwerp 1 – 5 August.

– It is really tough on the guys that they first compete in MGE and then immediately go on to Antwerp and MGW. The two competitions are slightly different; there are challenges in MGE that are not part of MGW and vice versa, the president of MGE Tore Aasheim says.

– The attention from the media has been fantastic, mostly because of the diversity of delegates and the fact that we go back to back with Mr Gay World. The MGE and MGW teams are cooperation regarding the media, a press accreditation is valid for both MGE and MGW, and also World OutGames who are the executive producers of this years MGW.

– This year we take MGE a step further by offering live feed from the Grand Final. We had a test run from Rome last year, the interest was great and this year we make sure we that have enough band width so everyone can watch. The live feed is free of charge, so you can watch the show from any computer in Europe or any other place in the world.

Right now the Mr Gay Europe online vote is open, and the delegates are promoting themselves through social media. One of the delegates has some extra support close to home; his mother just opened an instagram account and is now promoting her son with a link to the voting and the clear message: Please vote for my son!

You want to vote? Go to this link.

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