The 8th Mr Gay Europe competition is coming up soon, and we can start to reveal what the delegates and visitors can expect to experience during the days of the competition in Prague. The executive producers are promising us an amazing event!

Prague is not famous just for the cheap and tasty beer! Prague is also a lot of history and culture!

sloboda3The producers decided to link fashion with architecture and to make a great fashion show where delegates will wear adorable clothes by one of the most popular Czech fashion designers today; Jozef Sloboda.

It will all happen in the beautiful Vrtbovska garden in front of the Prague castle! Just imagine – handsome men in nice clothes in such a romantic place while live orchestra is playing…

“For me it is a pleasure to be in this project, my fashion is mostly for young people who love colours and untypical design and the idea of fashion night in the garden is just amazing. I am thinking about starting a new brand from my company focusing only on young people. Maybe MGE’s fashion show will be the first appearance of this new part of my fashion,” says fashion designer Sloboda.

The fashion show takes place Sunday 28th of July.