retrofinalThe venue of the 8th Mr. Gay Europe final is going to take place in the fabulous Retro Music Hall in Prague.

Prague is happy and proud to welcome the delegates from all over Europe to this magnificent theatre close to the centre of Prague, at the crossroad of Prague’s subway, bus and tram systems.

“This makes it a very convenient place to gather for everyone who wants to use public transport,” the executive producers say.
Retro Music Hall is very popular place in Prague that can host more than 1000 people and has the best audio system in whole country.

“This enables us to invite artists on stage that request the very best then it comes to sound and lights.”

The stage can also be altered during the event from a standard stage to a stage with catwalk that gives the audience a really good look at the delegates from all points of view.

The venue will be dived into three different sectors, VIP lounge with seats, an open area where people can walk around but still have a nice view of the stage and a gallery for those who really want to be on top of things.

The best of all is yet to come:

“There will be no entry fee during the Grand Final. We want this to be a great party for the whole of Prague; we want everyone to come, to watch and to support the delegates on stage. No tickets, no worries, says co-producer Slavek Pauk.

So what will the show itself be all about? With the evening be really retro? Well, there is only on way to find out, check out the latest news here on, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and even better, show up in Prague and enjoy the party in person!