Sweden, Spain, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Northern Ireland, Finland and the Czech Republic have already sign up for Mr Gay Europe in Prague this summer.

The official invitations have been sent out and the different producers are signing on for the event. This will be the biggest Mr Gay event ever; after the final of Mr Gay Europe all the European delegates are invited to immediately take part in Mr Gay World in Antwerp.

The same day the program for Mr Gay Europe ends the delegates will travel from Prague to Antwerp to take part in Mr Gay World. This year’s Mr Gay World is organized in co-operation with the 3rd World Out Games that takes place in Antwerp 31st July – 11th August.

Mr Gay Europe takes place in Prague 26th – 30th July; Mr Gay World takes place in Antwerp 31st July – 5th August.

The delegate on the photo is Fritiof from Sweden.