I’m sorry, but I just don’t understand.

How can a country as advanced as Russia be so old fashioned and unjust that it goes against basic human rights? I do not agree with what they are doing. You cannot educate young people in repression; you need to educate young people in freedom.

It is absurd that a modern state in this day and age utters an intention to “protect” young people from homosexuality. Where is the danger in being gay or lesbian? I am gay and I am very happy!

It doesn’t matter if you’re heterosexual or homosexual. What is important is to be happy and always to show everyone respect.

Homosexuality does not hurt anyone. Homosexuality is a feeling. Homosexuality is two people who love each other. Where is the problem in that?

I believe that young people have the right to grow up in freedom and have a right to choose to live out their sexual orientation.

I want to express my support for the young people of Russia. Fight for your rights, because you are not doing anything wrong!

Miguel Ortiz Vera
Mr Gay Europe 2012

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