20th November is the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) and we at MGE want to celebrate the day with our own tribute to our trans brothers and sisters.

When working as a judge during Mr Gay Ireland 2012 the MGE President Tore Aasheim noticed one of the delegates that stood out from the rest in his own proud and distinct way. Sean Meehan is a trans man and even if he clearly was one of the boys he also raised the rainbow flag high for all the trans men and women of Europe.

Ireland and previously Norway allows trans men to take part in the national competition, a decision we at MGE fully supports.

Inspired by Sean’s brave and proud presence Mr Aasheim filmed a short video clip and sent it off to MGE video manager Giulio Spatola. Apart from Sean who speaks on the video, the rest of the delegates of Mr Gay Ireland wanted to join Sean on the clip.

We are happy to let you know that the finished video is now ready for the Transgender Day of Remembrance and we proudly present it to our friends and fans.

A society that treats trans persons with respect is also a good place for gays, lesbians and anyone else – you just cannot pick and choose which human rights to embrace and not – it is all or nothing!

Even if we all should take care of each other all year around, if you know a trans man or a trans woman – give them a warm hug on 20th November – show them that you care – show them we are all beautiful!