The top five of MGE 2012

To win Mr Gay Europe the delegates have to take part in 11 different challenges. Here are the top 5 in each challenge of MGE 2012.

To be the last man standing in Mr Gay Europe, you should collect as many points as possible in as many challenges as possible. Some challenges are vectored more than others (the information on this is posted online prior to the competition); the most important ones are “The interview”, “Stage performance”, “The last question” and “Swim Wear”.


1 Practical tasks

The delegates get to do four practical tasks before coming to Rome. Each task completed the delegates earned 6 points. This year four delegates lost points because they did not complete parts of their practical tasks.


2 The interview

1 Finland

2 France

3 Austria

4 Malta

5 Spain


3 Talent competition

1 Cyprus

2 Sweden

2 Italy

4 France

4 Malta


4 Written test

1 The Czech Republic

2 France

3 Italy

3 Austria

5 Switzerland


5 Photogenic

1 Greece

2 Spain

3 Finland

3 Malta

5 Italy


6 Sport Challenge (only one winner)

1 Italy


7 Congeniality (only one winner)

1 Greece


8 Swim wear

1 Italy

2 Spain

2 Sweden

4 The Czech Republic

5 Malta


9 Internet vote

1 Spain

2 France

3 Cyprus

4 Belarus

5 The Czech Republic


10 Stage performance (final night)

1 Malta

2 Sweden

3 Spain

4 Greece

5 Italy


11 The last question

1 Spain

2 Malta

3 France

4 Italy

5 Finland


Administrative points

The final 12 points in the total score of 312 points are the administrative points. All delegates have with them 12 administrative points into the competition. These points (totally or partly) can be lost if a delegate does not show up for rehearsals, is late for appointments, holds back information etc. This year none of the delegates lost any administrative points.


Total score (Out of 312 possible)

1 Spain (204 points)

2 Malta (195 points)

3 Italy (181 points)

4 France (174 points)

5 Finland (170 points)


23 different judges, the delegates themselves, the audience (talent competition) and the public (internet vote) have had an impact on the final result. The votes and scores have now been controlled and checked one final time and the results as printed in this article are final and have been approved by the President of MGE.

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